How Emotional Intelligence Affects Your Relationship

How Emotional Intelligence Affects Your Relationship

People often say that what will matter at the end of our lives, on the dying bed, will be the relationships we had. We all want to experience love, unconditional affection in all the relationships we have with our family, friends, lover, and so on. The popular entrepreneur, Dan Lok often mentions the impact of his mum on his success. Statistics say that support from loved ones increases the success rate and ability to come back from failures. So the need for thriving relationships can't be over-emphasized. Therefore, enough will be shared to help you achieve this.

What Emotional Intelligence Is And Why It's Important

People know so much about love but very little about emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence or Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the ability to understand and manage your emotions and that of other people around you. Emotional intelligence affords you the ability to relieve yourself of stress easily. It helps to communicate effectively and even empathize with the people around you.

Emotional Intelligence is a leading determinant of success in relationships be it family friends or romantic ones. There are four attributes of emotional intelligence. Managing each of these attributes well can lead to a lasting relationship.

Personal Emotional Management

This is about you. Your ability to control impulsive behaviors and feelings. Here, you learn to stay true to your commitments and adapt to changes without giving wrong reactions.

Personal Emotional Awareness

Here you study and recognize your own emotions, especially how they affect your thoughts and behavior around people. Understanding this increases your self-confidence.

Social-emotional Awareness

This is where empathy comes in. With social awareness, you can understand the emotions, concerns, and needs of people you're in a relationship with.

Emotional Relationship Management

This is just like personal Emotional management, just that it's towards others. This is the cap of it all, where you develop and maintain good relationships with people. You will also learn to communicate clearly to people, influence, and also work well in teams.

In your relationships, understanding and rightly managing your emotions goes a long way to avoid kicking people out of your life. Success in a relationship is not about academic brilliance or IQ. We all would have seen our brilliant friends who find it very hard to keep up in any relationship. So emotional intelligence is not inborn, you develop and apply it as it suits your relationship. Maximizing EQ, makes you enjoy your relationship and makes it last.

Emotional Intelligence: Embraces Changes Observed In Your Relationship

Not many people respond to changes well. The reason for this is not far fetched. The dread of the possible eventual result of these relationships makes people not embrace changes. The truth is, changes make people better, poor reactions to them bring out the bad part of them. This doesn't have to be the case. Either party will experience change, the love, and respect between the parties will suffice in the transition process.

Emotional Intelligence: Respects The Feelings You Have For One Another

The importance of this can't be over-emphasized especially in romantic relationships. Sometimes, you won't totally like what you'll find out about your partner, friends, workplace colleagues, etc. Your ability to maintain the bond and keep what brought you together in the first place goes a long way in judging your EQ. With a high EQ, it wouldn't be hard for you to adapt to your new findings and stay true to the feelings you have for one another.

Emotional Intelligence: Your Response To A Low EQ partner

It is easier to be the recipient of high emotional intelligence but being on both sides is way better. Imagine having a partner who cannot notice your feelings, change in mood, or can't even notice it when you're not happy. It's quite frustrating, right? First, you shouldn't be that "partner." As a possessor of high EQ, you must learn to embrace such a partner and help develop the person's Emotional Intelligence. Dealing with such a partner might be tiring, but a way to pull through this seeming challenge is to consider the feelings you shared and always create moments to simulate the same experience.

Emotional Intelligence: Fills Your Relationships In On All Your Progress

It is often said that a relationship is about information held between the participants. Have you ever seen any movie about secret cults? They often have secret codes known to all members which they hold true and also updates as time evolves. Think about your relationship in this light. It can take two forms:

Make it very comfortable for your partners with whom you share relationships to be comfortable sharing their progress with you. A major component of EQ is how you respond to changes (which include the progress) of the people around you. It might include keeping dates of great happenings, celebrating achievements of your partner big time, etc.

Be comfortable sharing your progress with those you have a relationship with. Past experiences make people do otherwise but to make the relationship progress and enjoyable, you must overcome that fear and address it. Take the initiative to make it clear to your partner how vital the progress is to you, and they will respond accordingly.

Emotional Intelligence is the greatest determinant of any relationship among colleagues, family, peers, boss, and romantic partners. A little development in this aspect of your life will help build and maintain all you've ever worked for.