How Each Zodiac Sign Reacts To Infidelity

How Each Zodiac Sign Reacts To Infidelity

Having a partner cheat on you can be a painful experience, and people react to this pain in different ways. Some fight and insult, others walk away with their broken hearts in their hands. A person's reaction is influenced strongly by their star sign.

Take a peek at how - in general - the Zodiac star signs react to being cheated on.


An Aries can be quite cold and vocal if faced with infidelity. If you've cheated on a person of this sign, rest assured that everyone will know what you did. Your friends and family will know of your transgression. An Aries won't feel bad about ratting you out. After all, you did cause their pain. Their revenge is swift and severe.


If a Taurus found out about a straying partner, they will fool the person into thinking that all has been forgiven. That's far from the case. No, this star sign will come up with a long-term plan to make the cheater suffer for the pain they caused. The saying goes 'keep your friends close and your enemies closer' and no truer words have been spoken about a heartbroken Taurus.


You will regret cheating on the Twins. The initial reaction will either be explosive or deceptively calm. The aftermath will be intense and it will be aggressive. They will handle your betrayal with the disdain they think it deserves. The same goes for your possessions. You can expect your clothes and belongings to land in a heap in the front yard or in a bonfire. Anything the Gemini liked will be kept. You shouldn't even dare ask for it back.


If you have cheated on Cancer, prepare yourself. You will hear every curse word imaginable. You will hear it as loudly as it can be said. This star sign will make sure the whole world knows what you did. They will ensure everyone knows how you did it too. A person born under this sign will not pull back punches.


Anyone stupid enough to cheat on a Leo will live to regret it. This star sign will make sure that your life becomes a living hell. They will work hard to make sure you pay for what you did. This star sign will find many creative ways to get back at you. Don't cheat on a Leo.


Cheating on a Virgo is one of the worst decisions a person can make. You're in for one heck of a ride with this star sign. They will make it look like they're taking the blame for what happened. The Virgo will question the cheater about what they did wrong - but that's just an act. This star sign will devote hours to concocting the perfect plan of revenge and they will execute it perfectly. Whatever they've got planned for their former partner, it's not pretty.


Cheating on a Libra is the same as committing social suicide. This star sign will expose your infidelity. Your family, friends, work colleagues, and even your boss will know what you've done. A Libra will mock and embarrass you in the most humiliating ways they can think of.


A scorned Scorpio will not think twice to show how venomous they can be. Scorpios have an intense need for revenge. This star sign will not rest until after revenge has been served. A satisfied smile will accompany the ice-cold payback. You'll be watching over your shoulder the whole time, waiting for the next blow.


This star sign has mastered the art of ghosting. You will find yourself in a ghost town if you've cheated on them. There will be no discussions of what you did - you won't even exist to them any longer. This is how a Sagittarius will hide their pain from the person that inflicted their wounds. Don't expect to spend any time with this person again - you had your chance.


Much like the Sagittarius, a Capricorn will not indulge in conversations about your cheating. After your display of dishonesty and lack of loyalty, you will no longer exist for a Capricorn. They will go on to create a whole new and interesting life for themselves without you. And you can be certain they will make sure you know just how awesome their life is with you out of the picture.


An Aquarius will first react by having a meltdown. This can be quite an emotional experience for both of you. After this, this star sign will pack their bags and leave you and your cheating ways behind for good. Nothing you can say or do will convince them to stay. If an Aquarius decided the relationship is over, it's over forever.


Pisces tend to be the calmest upon discovering infidelity, but you must not allow appearances to fool you- they will not show how much you've hurt them. A Pisces will not take you back or forgive you. They will spend time with loved ones to recover and move on - you're history.