how dressing for sex will do wonders for your love life

Don't mock it until you try it! Toys, costumes, roleplaying, these exciting things can make you get in touch with your sexuality further and give you and your partner some memorable moments.

Dressing for sex is empowering and essential when you want to spice things up or surprise your loved one.

Just like the food tastes better when we don't eat it every day, the same goes for dressing up for lovemaking. You don't have to do it all the time, but once you try it, chances are you're going to love it, and many couples agree with that.

Strangers in the night

Before we get into the whole world of costumes, let's do some roleplaying. The most popular and arousing game suggests that you get all dolled up, meet your partner in a fancy restaurant and pretend you just met.

You get to create this whole fictional persona, from changing your name to trying out new things in the bedroom. It's way easier to reveal your fantasies when you're in character since you won't fear judgment.

It's also an escape from everyday life, stresses, bills, work, and the more you get into your role, the more both of you will relax and simply enjoy each other. You can rent a hotel room and stay in character until the morning after.

Sex and Candy

Most of us adults don't care for Halloween because there's candy. We enjoy becoming sexy nurses or getting lost in wonderland.

Costumes for adult games are fun, and you can start your night with a pair of handcuffs since police officers and superheroes are among the most popular costumes.

Other super sexy costumes include French maid, firefighter, and the school uniform.

According to researchers, over 94% percent of the couples who tried dressing up for sex enjoyed it, while nearly 90 percent of the couples are willing to do it again.

The only reason why people don't make more of their sex lives is that they're afraid to express their feeling to their partners. It seems like we're all on the same page, yet not enough people are brave to say it out loud.

Latex love

how dressing for sex will do wonders for your love life
how dressing for sex will do wonders for your love life

Speaking of shame, there's a vast stigma surrounding the ultimate sex dress-up – playing the role of the dominatrix.

PVC, latex, and leather feel great and give you a sense of power. Your partner, on the other hand, is entirely left to your mercy since even the thought of your super sexy costume will drive them mad.

It's impossible not to feel like a sex goddess in latex. Bodysugging, silk-like fabric reveals all the right spots, making you feel as if you were a Catwoman. As your sex confidence rises, you get to be more in tune with your sexuality. Additionally, you get to be more open to exploring, pushing your limits, and trying out new and riskier outfits.

All that guarantees that each orgasm will be better than the previous.

Don't forget spiked high heels and some naughty toys. Perhaps a bright red lipstick to get you in the mood even more.

Clubbing in your bedroom

If none of this seems right for you, then you can start by dressing up for a night out. The only difference is that you're not leaving your bedroom.

When you're wearing your most seductive dress, heels, and your makeup is on point, you instantly gain confidence.

Use it to express your deepest desires, as your partner will certainly enjoy seeing you all dolled up, just for them. Perhaps it's not dressing for sex as much as it's dressing up to give you a kick in the right direction.

Whatever you do, leave your heels on. You'll thank us later!

Good old fashioned lingerie

how dressing for sex will do wonders for your love life
how dressing for sex will do wonders for your love life

Every woman knows that lace and silk are our best friends when it comes to lingerie.

Even when no one else knows that you're wearing a pair of provocative underwear, it still excites you.

Surprise your partner with lace and silk body stockings or a bodysuit. Add stockings to your outfit, and enjoy all the attention.

The great thing about something as simple as lingerie is that you can wear it to work and have a surprise quickie when you get home.

Essentially, you're dressing for yourself

If you think that dressing for sex is a gift for your partner, you're wrong. You're doing it for yourself first, and when you start to realize that, you'll be more comfortable getting into any of these costumes.

You don't have to do it, but when you start, as your appetite grows, you'll wonder what made you wait for so long. Of course, you shouldn't feel pressured into dressing up, but you can give yourself a push and see what happens.

There's a whole world of naughty fantasies where the wildest sex dreams come true. They are waiting for you to discover them!