How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Some believe letter writing is a dead art form after being overtaken by the practice of expressing love through emojis and quick one or two-worded text messages. To some extent, the art of writing a love letter has gone out the window.

Our current world has drawn up visible and invisible barriers with its technological capabilities. Communication is more impersonal, thanks to the use of phones or computers. Sure, emojis are cute, but are they enough?

On the other hand, a love letter sends a special message along with the words on the page. Expressing your emotions carefully, with intent, and using beautiful words is a great way to show someone you care. Small gestures such as these can keep the romance alive.

A love letter can become a great memento. You can look at it decades later as you read your letters together by an open fire. You can even pass these memories down to the next generations as a testament to your love for one another. A love letter says many things.

Now, the looming question is: What makes a heartfelt love letter bring tears to his eyes?

1. Show Your Vulnerability

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Communication with a long-time partner may start to feel emotionless and straightforward after some time. After all, the day-to-day bustle of life can take some of the romance out of relationships. A love letter can help bridge that gap.

To show your emotion through words, it's important to show vulnerability. Open up in a way you haven't had to or had a chance to before. Allow your partner, whether they're a partner, boyfriend, or spouse, to see the real you.

The thought might sound scary at first, but it's surprisingly easy once you open your heart to the emotions you want to convey with your words.

2. Include An Unforgettable Love Greeting

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

The start of your letter is as important as the rest of the letter. Those first words you put down on paper will grab the attention of your loved one instantly, so make them count.

Find words that convey your love, and maybe even use an inside joke. However, don't write something generic since the letter will feel less personal. Let them know with the first couple of words how much you care about them.

3. Let Him Know The Occasion Is Very Important To You

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Maybe you're writing this letter because of a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. Don't forget to mention what this occasion means to you. There's also no harm in reminiscing about past occasions as you write your letter, sharing some fond memories or inside jokes.

Though a love letter is often written on such occasions, there's no need for one. Sometimes, the best way to express your affection for someone is when there is no pressure to do so. Throw Valentine's Day, anniversaries, or birthdays right out the window. Write your letter on any regular day, when you're going about your daily life, to show him how much you care.

4. Explain Your Love

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Your love letter should explain your love for the person you care about. Pour out your heart, whether it makes you vulnerable or not. Explain the love you have for them through the past, the present, and the future. Bring up memories and what made you initially fall for them.

Giving your explanation doesn't have to be anything intricate; you can quite literally list the things you love about them. Aside from making a list, you can talk about how your life has changed for the best once you met each other. Reaffirm your love and the commitment you made to one another.

5. Discuss Various Issues

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Use the words you will write down wisely. Don't spend too much time reiterating the same information repeatedly, but vary your letter as much as possible.

A well-rounded love letter will speak about different things, not just one aspect of that person. For example, don't focus only on inner beauty but external beauty as well.

6. Don't Dwell On The Format

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Not everyone is gifted in the art of writing, but that doesn't matter when it comes to penning a love letter. Focus less on how it looks and more on what it says. After all, the recipient won't particularly care what the letter looks like. What will matter is what your letter says.

Focusing too much on how the letter appears will take away from the personality of the letter. It won't feel as personal and from the heart if you try and follow some unwritten rules of structure. The love of your life would appreciate something from the heart more than something with a specific font or rhyming rhythm.

Otherwise, if you still feel you need a little help writing a love letter to your boyfriend, you can check out some popular emotional love letters that will melt his heart.

7. Storytelling

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Tell a story. As you write your love letter, use the words to tell a story about your life and love. Memories will surface when you write something so emotional; it is the perfect time to paint those images.

Your letter can even be an actual story of the memories you shared as something you can look back on later in life.

8. Warm Closing

How Do You Write A Love Letter That Will Make Him Cry?

Make the closing of your letter count. Use the last few words to express your love and affection. The way you express your feelings at the end will sum up everything you had to say throughout your entire love letter.

The closing doesn't have to be long, it can be short and sweet. You can even use an inside joke or a pet name that you have for one another. If you've made the ultimate commitment, you can use a few words of the vows you said to show their meaning and your fond memory of them.