How Do You Activate And Use A Hag Stone?

How Do You Activate And Use A Hag Stone?

It is believed magic cannot work on running water, especially evil magic. That is why some people have long believed in the supernatural powers of hag stones. Today, I'll tell you a few things about how to activate and use a hag stone.

For starters, a hag stone is basically a stone with a hole in it, and it can be found on streams, rivers, seashores, or other places with running water.

They are not always called hag stones. Some call them holed stones, Odin stones, crick stones, wish stones, Epilates stones, Holey stones, wish riding stones, fairy stones, or even witches' amulets.

Whatever you call them; most people believe that these beautiful or mysterious creations of nature hold some very special meaning. It is for this reason they are often used to make keyrings, keychains, pendants, and other forms of jewelry.

People even put these stones on animals to protect them from evil. They could and can still be found on cattle sheds, stables, and even doors to people's houses.

I'm sure you are wondering; how do you get hold of a hag stone?

You could be walking on the beach and then spot a unique or beautiful stone that stands out from all the rest. Of course, it has to have a hole through it to be called a hag stone.

Some of these stones have several holes in them, and you can find them on purpose by searching possible hunting grounds. However, some people find them by chance while going about their daily lives.

In fact, most people believe that you should find hag stones by chance because they come into your life when you most need them. After all, this stone carries a very deep and special meaning far beyond our limited mortal insights.

Hag Stones In History

how do you activate and use a hag stone?

Apparently, hag stones are nothing new. They have been used since long ago as charms that offered their wearers or owners some form of protection against evil. That is why some call them Holy stones, and people put them over their beds, doors or wore them on their necks as a form of protection against evil.

A lot of cultures place a lot of importance on hag stones.

Among the Arabs, the stones are hung on young camels' necks to protect them from evil eyes and spirits.

Boats in Britain have had the hag stones fastened on their bows to protect them from temperamental seas.

In many cultures, hag stones were also used to make pledges to ensure all parties stuck to their word.

How To Activate A Hag Stone

how do you activate and use a hag stone?

Activating a hag stone is easy. Once you find it, you should leave it outside from morning till dawn. This will charge it and activate the energies it carries.

You should also anoint it with morning or evening dew.

It is said that if you look through the eyes of the hag stone, you can see the fairies of the water source you found it at. For instance, if you found your hag stone by a river, you can see a river fairy by looking through the hag stone's hole while in a deeply meditative state.

However, be warned that this might not always happen. You need some practice and patience to use the hag stone as a portal into another world.

How To Use A Hag Stone

how do you activate and use a hag stone?

Using a hag stone is the easy part. All you have to do is decide how you are going to wear this piece of jewelry if you think of it as such. You can put a string through it and turn it into a pendant. You can also attach it to your bracelet if that's more your style.

Wearing a hag stone to work can help you have a new form of energy that makes you more of a success.

You can even use the stone to ward off bad weather. For instance, when you feel like a storm is about to hit, you can put the hag stone on a string and swing it around in the air while imagining that the stone is breaking up the heavy clouds and preventing bad weather from happening. This is best done with larger hag stones.

People have long believed that evil spirits are more active during adverse weather. That is why people also used them to prevent milk from curdling during thunderstorms.

Healing powers were also ascribed to these stones. You can put them under the bed to revert issues like cramps, stomach aches, and rheumatism. You can even place the hag stone on the body area that is ailing to give it some healing energy.

Those who suffer from nightmares can also hang stones in the bedroom to have a more peaceful sleep. It is for this reason the stones are also called nightmare stones.

Using A Hag Stone To Make A Wish

how do you activate and use a hag stone?

As a wish stone, you should hold the stone in the palm of your hand and rub it with your thumb in a clockwise manner while thinking of the wish you are making. The stone should be held with the left hand and rubbed with the right thumb.

Hag stones vary in size, which can play a role in the purpose for which they are used. For instance, larger hag stones might be too clumsy or heavy to wear as jewelry. However, they can be perfect at protecting homesteads from evil magic, and with that, I believe you now know how to activate and use a hag stone.