How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off? Here's The Truth

If you're in a romantic relationship with a guy or simply in the "talking" phase, there may be instances when parting ways is the best choice. Whether it's a serious relationship that has reached an irreparable point or a casual relationship that isn't progressing any further, you understand that it's time to call it quits. You don't want to prolong the situation or engage in circular discussions. Therefore, the most appropriate approach is to cease all communication with him. However, how do guys react when you abruptly cut them off? Continue reading to learn more.

1. He's Toxic And/or Abusive

If the man you are involved with exhibits abusive behavior, whether it is physical, emotional, mental, or sexual, it is necessary to end the relationship. It is improbable that he will accept being discarded without objection or will willingly leave. Even if you express your desire to end the relationship and move on, it may not suffice. Men who behave in this manner often believe that they are entitled to your time and attention, necessitating a complete severing of ties to eliminate them from your life.

2. He Won't Take No For An Answer

Even after you have informed him that you do not wish to pursue a romantic relationship or take things to the next level, he refuses to accept it. He persists in attempting to persuade you that you are destined to be together. In such a scenario, the only way to preserve your mental wellbeing and progress is to remove him from all communication platforms by deleting and blocking him.

3. He's Dating Someone Else

Discovering that the man you were conversing with or dating is concurrently seeing another person should be regarded as a warning. It's not advisable to become entangled in someone else's relationship, especially with a man who engages in infidelity. It would be best if you did yourself a favor and depart from the situation immediately.

4. Staying In Contact With Him Is Keeping You From Moving On

Certain men will resist being cut off even if they don't have strong feelings for you. They enjoy having control and feeling desired, so they will cling to the relationship long after its expiration date. If things are not working out for any reason, and attempting to maintain a "just friends" dynamic is causing confusion, it is appropriate to terminate communication entirely without hesitation.

How Do Guys Feel When You Cut Them Off?

1. They're Confused

Certain men lack the perception to recognize that a relationship is failing, so they may be puzzled when you sever ties with them. They may question what went awry and the reason for your decision, even if you previously expressed disinterest or confronted them about their inappropriate conduct. Some individuals are intentionally oblivious to the situation, and this behavior is a genuine phenomenon.

2. Their Ego Is Bruised

Being rejected is unpleasant, irrespective of the situation. When someone dismisses you, even if you didn't have feelings for them, it can be a severe blow to your self-esteem. This is likely to trigger the man's innermost insecurities and make him feel inadequate or unappealing. It is unfortunate, but it is not your responsibility to alleviate these emotions.

3. They're Pissed Off

Being rejected is not only painful but also aggravating. Numerous men become angry when you cut them off because they enjoy having control. They prefer to believe that they are the ones in charge and that their emotions guide the relationship. They dislike having the decision taken out of their hands, which is why they feel upset.

4. They're Amused By It

Some inexperienced men may find it amusing to be cut off, particularly if they were never taking your relationship seriously from the start. The entire situation may appear comical to them, and they may be unable to grasp the reality of what has occurred because they are unable to engage in mature relationships.

5. They're Paranoid That You've Found Someone Else

Although you may have ended things with him for a completely different reason, don't be taken aback if he assumes that you cheated or fell for someone else. He may even reject your explanation if you attempt to tell him the genuine cause. In his mind, it may be simpler to believe that you are more interested in someone else. Allow him to believe whatever he needs to believe.

6. They Don't Really Care

Certain men may not feel anything at all when you cut them off, particularly if they never developed deep feelings for you. Although they may have continued talking or seeing you for a period, they knew that the relationship was not going to progress. As a result, they may believe that it's a good thing you are moving on.

7. They're Hurt

If he had genuine feelings for you, it's likely that being removed from your life would hurt him. Even if he doesn't acknowledge it, the feeling is buried deep down. It's always difficult to open up to someone and then have things not work out. This is still true even if he was to blame for the breakup.

8. They Feel Desperate To Win You Over Again

Sometimes, a guy may view being cut off as a challenge and become motivated to win you back even harder. He might transform into a new and improved version of himself, showering you with attention, romance, and effort. However, it's usually too late at that point, and your decision to cut him off will likely remain unchanged.

9. They're Kind Of Relieved

Perhaps you have done a good deed for the guy by being the one to initiate the end of the relationship. He may have wanted to do it himself but didn't have the courage or didn't know how to. So, in a way, you have helped him move on from something that wasn't working out.