How Diet Affects Your Sexual Health

Your diet can mar or make your sex life. It all depends on your choice. Some partners are ignorant of this fact, and when they experience declination in their sex life, they resort to drugs that may have harmful side effects.

A good diet can boost your libido while a poor one can lead to a host of issues. A good example is an erectile dysfunction which is mostly linked to diabetes and obesity. Obesity especially is a result of poor diet. These can be easily avoided by watching your diet.

Food is part of our daily life. It is the fuel for all our activities. So, it’s not a surprise that food may be one of the sources of our health problems. But the good news is food can also be employed to improve our general body health, including our sex life. Changing your eating habit to experience a better sex life might not give you that quick magical result, but it is a good way to start.

A lot of men spend countless numbers of hours at the gym to improve their physical physique and probably their health but little do they know that the food they eat plays a large role also. Some even go to the gym to have a stellar sex life. Men’s health is more affected by their eating habits compared to women and that’s why attention must be paid to what they eat. In other words, keep a good eating habit.

Alcohol Lowers Your Sexual Drive


Libido is essential in sex. It’s the first impression that makes your partner gets secured that you’re interested in her. Lack of Libido can leave a permanent mark on the sexual relationship between two people. Research had shown that too much alcohol affects an erection. Drinking alcohol can also lead to some unsafe behaviors, like lack of protection when having sex. When you’re intoxicated, you often don’t take the necessary precautions because your actions are on autopilot. Mixing alcohol and sex is not a good idea.

Eating Too Many Fried Foods And Other Craps Diminishes Your Sex-Life 

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Jamin Brahmbhatt, a urologist at Orlando health, once said: “A healthy heart equals healthy sex.” In other words, any food bad for your gym game is also bad for your sex life. In the world we’re in, most people are more focused on making a living than living the actual Life. These days, our diets are filled with crap, and they take their toll on our health generally. A good example is, if your heart is affected, say some arteries are clogged (often as a result of fats), it may prevent or reduce adequate blood flow to your penis which can lead to erectile dysfunction (ED). 

It is also commonly known that men suffering from obesity have a low level of testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone that fuels your sex drive. This does not mean every heavy guy has a low level of testosterone, but they are at higher risk. This can be corrected by maintaining good eating habits. Any food that lowers your body fat will also increase your cholesterol level. 

Indulging In A Sweet Tooth Is Bad For Your Sex Life

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To be straight, sugar is a sex life killer. Cardiovascular health is at risk when one takes too much sugar. This eventually affects your sex life. Food and drinks containing too much sugar can also lead to inflammation. Therefore resulting in low blood flow into the penis region. Your libido is at risk when you take too much of sugar. The same applies to eating too many processed foods.

Here Are Ways You Can Enhance Your Sex Life:

  1. Eat less: 

One way to watch your weight for enhanced sex life is to reduce the amount of food you eat. Maintaining good eating habits is a long term approach and the best way to prevent obesity. Eating late-night food is not good for your sexual health. It’s good to go to bed with low carb foods like fruits or protein-containing food.

  1. Take foods and supplements that help your Libido:

Aphrodisiacs are foods that help in promoting your Libido. They are named after the ancient Greek goddess of love, Aphrodite. Oyster is a popular example of these. A study linked this benefit to the zinc present in aphrodisiacs. Zinc is a mineral the body depends on for the following: cell metabolism, stamina, and regulating levels of testosterone. Zinc is also used in treating patients with erectile dysfunction. Apart from oysters, some other foods contain a high amount of zinc. Foods like, crab, lobster, pine nuts, red meat, and so on.

Situations where one is suffering from acute ED, one can go for supplements containing zinc for quick recovery.

  1. Some fruits specifically enhance erection for a better sex life:

Factors that contribute to erectile dysfunction are problems related to blood flow, side effects of some medications, dysfunction of nerve centers in the brain, depression, anxiety, and so on. A good way to tackle the issue is by treating the underlying causes but another route is taking fruits. Fruits like berries, citrus fruits, grapes, apples, red wines, hot pepper, and some varieties of tea help correct erectile dysfunction.

Medical researches had proven that the foods we eat are related to our sex life. Those seeking to improve their sex life can take this approach to experience a better one.