How Crying During A Movie Reveals The Warrior In You

How Crying During A Movie Reveals The Warrior In You

Raise your hands if you've seen "The Titanic". Now raise your hands if by the end of the movie your eyes were filled with tears.

Don't be shy.

Raise those hands.

I understand how admitting this around others can be embarrassing to do.

Most of us have been conditioned to believe that crying is a sign of weakness. Especially our men and boys. And that couldn't be further from the truth.

Sorry, dad.

Crying shows the fantastic gift you have of showing how to express real feelings about something.

In fact, a study has shown that those of us who cry at movies (be it a little sniffle or a full-blown sob fest) are actually the possessors of some seriously formidable emotional strength.

Movies are powerful works of art that can be used to make us laugh, stomp our feet, give us goosebumps, and even shed a few tears.

It shows that you have what most don't, and that is the power of empathy.

Yes, you possess the power of putting yourself in the other person's shoes.

So go ahead. Let those tears roll down your cheek and show the person next to you that you don't give a damn about what they think.