How COVID-19 Changed The Dating Scene?

How COVID-19 Changed the Dating Scene?

The coronavirus pandemic makes its corrections in our usual way of life: some things changed, and others became too risky. We should organize our activity according to a new reality, and this rule also applies to meetings.

During COVID-19, when we communicate just via apps or by phone, and we only see those who live with us, single people feel lonely more acutely. That's why it's no surprise that more and more singles think about registering on a dating site first. Let's see what has changed on the dating scene and how dates look now.

#1. Online dating platforms rule

It's the most secure way of meeting: there is no physical contact, you stay at home and chat when you have time and desire to do it. Using an online dating service, you can customize your search according to your preferences and needed criteria. It can be something like "single men near me", "educated women 35-45 years", etc.

Online dating allows you to avoid random acquaintances with bored strangers that do not want anything serious. Simultaneously, you can communicate with several people to get to know them better and find the most suitable partner. Ask yourself, is this person good company for self-isolation, will he or she support you, and do you want to take care of him or her in your turn?

#2. "Slow dating" is our new trend

Simply, slow dating is based on the contrast to the first kiss or, even more, sex after the first date. It means that people don't hurry to start the relationship or even to see each other offline.

They want to get to know a conversationalist better before taking the next step. It's easy to do with the help of calls and video calls: you are always in touch and can watch movies, and prepare food together via the Internet connection.

Video calls and Zoom also help us to avoid an unpleasant situation when on the first date, we see that the person in real life differs from the photo and doesn't meet our expectations.

#3. Dogs can help you meet somebody

If you are adherent to the meetings in real life, you stay in a no-win situation – most of the ways to find a partner aren't available during COVID-19. No meetings in the airplane, during travel, on courses, at church, or in the grocery store line: we should keep the distance.

But if you are a happy owner of a dog, this is your opportunity – you can meet somebody walking your pet. Maybe, your four-legged friend will read your subconscious, focused on "searching for single men near me," and bring a nice stranger with another dog and you together, like in "101 Dalmatians". It's a joke, but it's almost impossible to say nothing when your dog plays with another pet: another pet owner and you can say "hi" and start small talk. Who knows what may come up.

#4. Nature is a perfect idea for a date

It would be best if you found a safe place for a date when your partner from a dating site and you finally decide to see each other in real life. The best solution can be a restaurant with an outdoor seating area or a park with a nice place for a picnic. It would be normal to ask about a temperature, a COVID test, and tell about yours. By doing so, you show respect for each other's health. It is a sign that you are ready for a serious relationship.

Meta: Let's consider how COVID-19 changed the dating scene and how we can find lasting love in new conditions.