How Comes Fat-Shaming Is Wrong, But Skinny-Shaming Is Okay?

How Comes Fat-shaming Is Wrong, But Skinny-shaming Is Okay?

The world agrees that fat-shaming is completely out of line. It cannot be tolerated in any form. But how come the rules for skinny-shaming are so different? For some reason, people think it's okay to tell people they are 'too thin.'

But having been on the receiving end of such comments and seeing surprised faces for negatively reacting to them, I think it's worth clearing up some things about skinny-shaming.

1. Being Called Skinny Is Not A Compliment

When people tell me I am skinny, they expect me to be glad. They think it's a compliment. But the reality is that it makes me feel like I somewhat lack something, and that's never okay.

2. I Feel Guilty

There is no right weight. So, when you are made to feel ashamed of your weight, you feel guilty. You feel like you did something to offend the person. We all deserve a life where we don't have to worry about such things.

3. I Can't Control My Genetics

As you body-shame me, remember that I did not choose this body. My parents were skinny too, and I got the genes from them. So, making me feel uncomfortable over something I never chose is quite thoughtless.

4. It's Of No Benefit

What exactly does body-shaming accomplish? What do you expect me to do; start eating food by the truckloads to gain weight to avoid being called skinny? Skinny-shaming makes someone feel bad, and it achieves nothing positive. So, why do it in the first place?

5. Objectification Is Never Okay

It is never good or comfortable being made to feel different for the way you look, whether good or bad. This shows disregard for their personality and who they are. It makes no difference if the physical attribute is something they would be proud of or not.

6. Nobody Should Be Made To Feel Ashamed For Their Appearance

We are all different when it comes to deciding what looks healthy and what does not. But unless you are a doctor, you have no right to tell someone that they fall short of certain physical standards. In any case, it benefits no one to make them feel inferior or inadequate based on their appearance.

7. Why Not Lift Each Other Up Instead Of Criticizing

Life is full of enough stresses, and it's short. So, instead of spending so much time making people feel bad about minor issues, you can try to say something positive to them. You can be kind and nice instead of making them feel out of place through your comments on their appearance.

8. It Makes Things Awkward

It is difficult and even impossible to respond to someone who makes comments about your weight. People are always telling me to eat more, and even though I have heard this a thousand times, I have never found an appropriate answer to this question. It's just awkward to say such things to anyone, and it does not feel good.

9. You Have No Idea Why Someone Looks As They Do

There are many reasons someone weighs a certain number of pounds. Someone might even be trying to deal with an eating disorder. So, a negative comment can make her feel worse. She might also not like that she is skinny, which many people might not expect. Therefore, a negative comment about her weight can spoil her day.

10. It Causes Body Insecurities

Yes, even skinny girls can get insecure. Initially, I was comfortable with the way I looked. But being told how skinny I am has eroded my body confidence to the point where I am insecure about my appearance.

11. I'm Worth More Than My Weight

Although being skinny is considered good, it is not the total sum of worth. My weight is a tiny part of who I am, and it's never a good measure of what I am worth.