How Come Empaths Have Such A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging?

How Come Empaths Have Such A Strong Sense Of Not Belonging?

Despite all the advantages of being an empath, like being an introvert, it has many disadvantages. The main disadvantage is "not belonging." This is sometimes considered ironic given the ability of empaths to feel others' emotions as their own.

When you're an empath, you have the ability not only to sense what another person is going through, but you can also feel it the same way they do. This gives people the perception that you can easily adapt and blend in with any crowd. So when we find it harder to blend in as expected of us, we get less understanding from others. People don't understand that it can be hectic absorbing all the negative energy from fellow beings. That same ability that "sets us apart" is the same one that gives us that feeling of seclusion.

Another misconstrued fact is that empaths are tough people who can handle anything. It's like you're always expected to be there for others and understand what they're going through, but no one is there for you because you're strong.

On the contrary, empaths are "sensitive" beings who need shoulders to lean on occasionally too. Dealing with your own issues as well as others' is never an easy task, yet when it comes to empaths, it's the expected norm. This often leads to the preference of staying in solitary confinement to avoid being overwhelmed. Being alone then becomes comfortable and in turn, gives a sense of not belonging with the outside world.

Another advantage of being an empath is the ability to see the truth even if it's covered with lies. This makes it harder to agree or accept anything thrown at us. Even when we don't speak up we always know when we are being lied to. This is a trait that doesn't sit well with the current society that thrives in wrong perceptions, confusion, and outright lies. It is also a trait that makes us different from the rest, and since society doesn't appreciate uniqueness, we are always left feeling like this isn't our world.

Sometimes when the lies around you become too much, and you're the only one or one of the few people who can see the truth, you can start doubting yourself. This is what happens to empaths in society. A bigger percentage of the population has accepted the norms of society regardless of how wrong they are. To start questioning that or going against it makes you feel like something is wrong with you, which is how most empaths feel the feeling of not belonging.

Being an empath is a gift that should be appreciated regardless of what others think. Granted, it may not be easy, but it's always worth it. It can give a sense of purpose especially if used to help others. We may not belong in society, but that shouldn't stop us from loving ourselves and accepting our gifts. We just have to be comfortable with being different and understand that following the crowd isn't always right. Only then will we use our gifts as empaths to make a change however little it may be or how insignificant it may seem.