How Cheaters Behave In Relationships, According To Research

How Cheaters Behave In Relationships, According To Research

Unfortunately, they live among us. People who are never satisfied with the God-given partner in their lives but instead seek ways to satisfy their romantic needs. It sucks committing your life to a cheater.

So, if you could find ways to avoid them before things get too serious, odds are that you would be eternally grateful.

Luckily, you don't have to be the last one to know that the love of your life is stepping out on you and playing nasty games behind your back.

Experts have decoded the behaviors of people who cheat on their partners, and you can use these tips to know whether you are living with any of these heartless souls.

The thing you have to understand is that cheaters are cold-hearted, and will lie to you with a straight face moments after being in another person's arms.

Cheating is a nightmare for the victims, and it can completely destroy your faith in humanity.

So, here is a look at some things you should know about cheating.

1. The affairs can go on for months and even years

Many affairs drag on for years if not months. Still, there are many cases of cheating that are usually one-time affairs. Unsettling, isn't it?

2. Cheaters will more likely talk more to their secret lovers than their partners

According to research, people who cheat are likely to spend more time talking to their lovers than their partners. This might stem from guilt.

3. Cheaters prefer texting to other methods of communication

According to research, many cheaters prefer texting to other methods of communication. That is because texting offers a lot of secrecy that people in affairs desire.

4. Cheating is more rampant in long-term relationships

Unfortunately, short-term relationships do not have as many cheating issues as long-term relationships. This is when people find it necessary to hold on to what they already have while having an affair on the side. But with short-term relationships, people would rather break things off and move on to their next romantic interest.

5. Cheaters are likely to talk to their lovers during work hours

Because no cheater wants to get caught, he/she will usually try to communicate with the lover when it's safest. Usually, this is during work hours when their partners are not around.

6. Cheaters spend lots of time thinking about their lovers

When someone is cheating, the person they are doing it with will be constantly on their minds.

7. Much of the cheating happens at night after 9 pm

People rarely cheat during the day. This makes the process much easier since excuses such as "working late" and "going out with friends" can be used.

8. Cheaters can still put their partners first

Studies have also shown that cheaters can cancel plans with their lovers or allow their partners to disrupt them when with their lovers.

Whichever way you look at it, cheating is one of the cruelest things someone can do to their partner. It is not even a topic many people are willing to explore. But still, knowing a thing or two about people who cheat can help you avoid such relationships and the heartbreak that follows.