How Can A Great Guy Turn Into A Jerk Overnight? Simple: He Secretly Always Was One

It's a terrible feeling to be confused and worried when you think your boyfriend has completely changed. However, the truth may be that he hasn't changed at all - he's just been deceiving you with his "nice guy" facade all this time.

1. He knew how to hide his true self

Despite initially appearing charming, sweet, and kind and showing a strong interest in you, it turns out that he was just putting on a facade to win you over. He couldn't keep up the act of being the perfect guy for very long, revealing his true, unpleasant personality.

2. People don't change easily

True change requires a significant amount of effort and determination. It's not something that can happen overnight, but rather a gradual process that occurs over time. If you've noticed a change in your boyfriend, it's likely that it's been happening slowly and you're only now becoming aware of it.

3. There were signs, you just didn't notice them

There may have been subtle signs indicating that something was wrong, but it's possible that you missed them or dismissed them as actions of a man in love. For instance, if your boyfriend came on too strong when you first met, it might have seemed like a display of his love, but in reality, it was probably a sign of his hidden agenda, and you should have been wary of him.

4. you can change anyone

If you feel like you're dealing with a guy who isn't what you initially thought he was, you might find yourself wondering if you did something to cause the change. It's important not to blame yourself, as you cannot change someone else. The changes in his behavior are likely due to something happening internally within him.

5. He's a manipulator

When your boyfriend met you and began dating you, he likely knew that he had to present himself as "Mr. Perfect" to get what he wanted from you, such as a committed relationship, sexual intimacy, or resources such as money or a place to stay. He had something to gain from the relationship.

6. Lies don't last forever

It's important to recognize that lies have a way of coming to light sooner or later. Now that you know the truth about who your boyfriend really is, it's understandable that you may feel like you don't even know the person you've been dating. While it can be a difficult and painful experience, it's important to remember that the issue lies with him, not you.

7. He might want to end things

Men may seem to change in a relationship because they want to end it, and therefore drop their "Good Guy" persona, becoming irritable or bored around their partner. However, this isn't really a change - they've always had these traits. You may not have noticed them before because they were so in love with you. As the saying goes, "You never really know someone until you divorce them." The same can be true for relationships.

8. Or, he's trying to get you to end things

Alternatively, your boyfriend might be pretending to change and behaving poorly or picking fights because he's a coward and wants you to be the one to end the relationship. This behavior is extremely hurtful and anyone who resorts to such actions was likely a jerk from the beginning.

9. He had issues brewing under the surface for a long time

Perhaps your boyfriend has his own personal issues, such as problems with trust or commitment, but he was so enamored with you that he decided to conceal these issues and deal with them on his own. However, these issues likely continued to fester, so when he "suddenly" starts treating you poorly or flirting with other women, you might think he's changing. In reality, he's not - this is just a side of him that he wasn't brave enough to confront in order to prevent it from harming your relationship.

10. He moved really fast and couldn't maintain it

At times, men will move at a rapid pace to make you fall in love with them when they truly want to be with you, so that they can get what they want from the relationship. Once they have you where they want you, in love and attached to them, they will reveal their true nature. These toxic men know precisely what they are doing and will change their behavior towards you when it is advantageous for them to move on.

11. His interest has worn off

You may believe that he has changed, but in reality, he is still the same person. The only thing that has changed is his feelings towards you or the relationship. It can be challenging to accept, and it may seem easier to think of him as becoming a jerk. However, try not to take the rejection personally. He is doing you a favor by letting you know that he is not committed to the relationship, which means you won't have to waste any more of your time with him.

12. Maybe you're the one who changed

It's possible that it's not him who has changed, but you. Perhaps the qualities that initially attracted you to him, such as his unique nature and charisma, have become grating and seem like attention-seeking behavior. Love might have blinded you to his true self, and now that you see him clearly, you're wondering why you're even with him. It's time to face the reality and move on.