Hot Tub Sex: 20 Amazing Tips To Make It More Fun

Hot Tub Sex: 20 Amazing Tips To Make It More Fun

Hot tub sex can get really hot and steamy (pun intended) if you and your partner are willing to make your love life a little more adventurous. Think about it: this is an exciting win-win erotic experience whereby you get to clean up together and also have a great time with your lover.

Imagine how much bathtub sex can do to improve your love life. A lot of people are up to the idea, and it's time you joined in the fun to take your romantic life to the next level.


There are plenty of interesting things you can try as you have bathtub sex. And if you need the specifics, then you are in luck: here are some benefits to being a little more adventurous with your sex life.

Why You Should Spice Up Your Sex Life

Has sex become a routine for you? If yes, you need to do something and fast before your love life goes to hell.


I don't think I need to go into detail explaining why a little spontaneity is so important in romance.

The satisfaction you can get from trying new things will obviously spill into other areas of your relationship. So yeah, you should totally make an effort to have some hot tub sex, and here's how to do it.

1. Start With Foreplay

Ideally, having bathtub sex should be the climax. But before then, you should make sure your partner expects a steamy and unforgettable erotic experience to make sure they are in the right mood for it.


You shouldn't just get into the tub and immediately get down and dirty. You can start off with a flirtatious bath where you scrub each other and enjoy some playful moments before things get serious and intense.

Also, as you know, foreplay is the hallmark of a meaningful sex life.

2. Put On Some Music

Soft, slow and romantic music will ensure that you focus on each other as you have a great time in your tub. The music, in addition to things like candles and the right perfumed bath oils, will make your experience together so much more rewarding.


3. Have Some Lubrication Handy

Since you will be doing it around water or in water, the odds are that the lady's natural lubricants will get washed away during the act.

That can make things a little uncomfortable, and irritation might even set in if you go at it for too long. Having a lubricant can ensure that doesn't happen, and this would greatly add to the joy of this unique erotic adventure.


4. Get The Temperature Right

Just because things are getting hot and heavy between you two, it does not mean you ignore the temperature of the water in the bathtub. Getting scalded as you try to enjoy yourself, or feeling uncomfortably cold, might ruin the whole experience for you.

Ideally, the water should have a medium temperature. When the tub is too hot, it will make the experience a little uncomfortable in consideration of how sweaty the eagerly anticipated adventure might be for you.


5. Be Creative

The buoyancy of the water should certainly make some sex positions really interesting, and that can make for a truly unique experience. A jet of water directed at the right places should also be lots of fun, but don't overdo it.

There are plenty of positions you can try, and over time, you can build some pretty good momentum and have an amazing time together.


6. Take It Slow And Easy

This is more of a safety measure to reduce the risk of slipping or suffering any injuries. In any case, if you have the time to set up an elaborate bathtub sex scene, then having a prolonged love session should not be too much to handle for you.

But otherwise, if you are up to something more vigorous and are sure you are safe doing it, then there's nothing getting in your way.


7. Light Some Candles

As you know, candles can really create a romantic ambiance and make the mood right for an intense love-making session.

You can go a step further and get scented candles that fill the air with the sweet anticipation of the steamy erotic session that's about to follow.

I don't think I need to tell you how much more memorable the entire experience will be if you make the setting perfect.


8. Keep Switching Up The Styles

Although a bathtub can seem a little limiting, you can do plenty if you are willing to get a little more creative. Hot tub sex is pretty special, and you should not be afraid to try out whatever you believe would be fun for both of you.

9. If You Normally Use Birth Control, Be Prepared

In a hot tub, birth control methods such as condoms and spermicides are not very effective. For instance, when condoms get wet, they are more likely to slip off, and when that happens, a lot of things can go wrong.


So, if you want still want some protection as you do it in the tub, you have to ensure you have other birth control options at your disposal.

Having an unwanted pregnancy is certainly not the memento you want after having a great time in the tub. So, be prepared with the most effective birth control methods under these circumstances.

10. Ladies, Try Being On Top

Your man can lower himself into the tub on his back, and you can get on top. This is easier than you think because the edges of the tub will give you ample leverage to support yourself as you have a great time.


11. Don't Fill The Bathtub Too Much

As you prepare the bath, remember that two people will get into it and not just one person. Also, remember that there will be much more activity in the tub with you two lovebirds fooling around.

So, ensure that you also leave some space for the water to move when things get a little crazy.

12. Use Some Toys

There are a few adult toys made for having erotic fun in the water, and you can use them to kick things up a notch. These toys are waterproof, and they make them for both men and women.


13. Be Ready To Get Wild, But Play Safe

Given the uniqueness of tubs, options such as missionary in the traditional sense will obviously be out of the question. The tub is slippery, and that makes finding your balance much harder.

In general, stick to positions that allow you to have a proper balance that minimizes the risk of you ending up in the emergency ward after a mishap.


14. Try The Doggy Style

The good thing about this position is that it saves you from having to do it underwater while still allowing you to enjoy the warm water.

In this position, you can enjoy the ambiance, the amazing smells, the bubbles, and everything there is to enjoy about hot tub sex.

15. Use Mild Soaps

Suffering irritation or bad reactions due to strong soaps or bubbles is clearly not going to make your steamy bath session more satisfying.


Rashes and irritations in all the wrong places will not make a bathtub sex experience something you would be keen to have in the future. So, make sure you use mild soaps.

16. Use A Private Hot Tub

Don't use a public bathtub, those things are so full of germs and you can easily pick up an infection if you are not careful.

Besides, chlorine is not very good for a lady's pH down there, and it could easily lead to a yeast infection. It's easier to keep such issues under control if you use a private bathtub.


And another thing, using a private bathtub means that you can take things all the way with no one bothering you or accusing you of public indecency.

17. Some Cold Drinks And Snacks Can Help

Bathtub sex can take a while, and it can also burn lots of calories and leave you parched. So, have some snacks and some cold drinks handy so that hunger and thirst do not force you to end things prematurely.


As you know, with no one having to leave and go prepare a quick snack or get drinks in the kitchen, the love spell can't be broken and you can have fun for a lot longer.

18. Use Oils With Nice Smells

Needless to say, engaging your olfactory senses can really improve your moods and make the erotic adventure more satisfying for both of you. Luckily, there are countless safe oils you can use that smell amazing and kick things a notch higher.


19. You Need To Take Care Of Yourself, Afterwards

Being exposed to potentially dirty water and conditions that can dry your privates more than usual might require some bit of after-care afterward.

Some of your options include drinking lots of water afterward, taking a UTI health supplement, and even peeing afterward to clear your urethras of any germs that might have made it that far up.


20. Be Ready To Go Beyond Hot Tub Sex

Bathtub sex is certainly unique and special, but it's also not for everybody. Therefore, if it feels like you have had enough of it, you should be ready to continue the erotic adventure outside the tub.

For some, having a quickie is as much hot tub sex they can handle. And there's absolutely no harm in that. You deserve to make the experience respectful and fun for both of you.


So, there is no need to force the experience to the point where it becomes an unsavory misadventure for you and your partner.

After you towel each other off, you can take things to the bedroom, where you can have an additional round in a more permissive setting.

When they talk about spicing things up in the bedroom to make your love life and your relationship stronger, don't always take it literally. You can try having hot and steamy hot tub sex and create an unforgettable experience that will make you fall in love with your partner all over again.