Hot And Seductive: Tips For Sexting Messages For Him

Hot And Seductive: Tips For Sexting Messages For Him

Sexting isn't an art form, but it should be! Ladies, prepare to dazzle your guy because here are some of the best sexting messages for him!

We can't always be with the guys we're into, but we sure can use technology to spice up your sex life. Sexting is all about letting your imagination run wild, so let's get to business!

Seduce him over messages

Guys are the ones who usually open the doors to sexting. But, it's time to beat them in their own game.

Before you start typing, make sure to put yourself in the mood. Maybe put on red lipstick, or use your imagination to create a borderline erotic scene. Think about the things that turn you on, and get ready to turn your feelings into words.

If you're merely typing what he wants to read, it's no fun. The whole point of sexting messages for him is to make sure that you're enjoying it as well.

Write whatever you feel comfortable with, and try to get out of your head as much as possible. It's not always easy, especially if you're not in your home, but the more you practice, the cozier you'll get in your new role.

Please, do not obsess over grammar and let yourself be: even if you say something a bit goofy, that's fine. It's your phone, your email, and your man.

Intro into sexting messages for him

Now that you're feeling a bit turned on, it's time to make your man sweat! Let your fingers slide across the phone because the more authentic you are, the more your guy will understand what you like.

And let's not pretend we're doing this for the boys: it's all about giving hints about what we, the ladies, want our men to know!

The smoothest way to get into the wordplay is to start with seemingly innocent questions.

"Hey, do you know want I want to do now?" is always a great intro. And just when he thinks you're about to write something hot, you backpaddle. Why? Because it's sexting, and it should be fun!

So, answer this question with "I feel like eating pizza." And just when he feels a bit disappointed, naively add: "With you. In a bed, naked".

Now that you're on the right path, we're going to get a bit wilder. Again, it's always best to surprise him, so you don't have to make intros all the time. Instead, be playful. Go back and forth, sometimes get straight to the dirty stuff; other times, keep it on the flirty, yet no as a direct side.

Another way to step into the sexting game is to ask more somewhat usual questions. From "I like when you're wearing that shirt" to "Hey, I had a dream about you!" it's not hard to go from there and make the whole thing a lot steamier.

Hot and heavy sexting messages

Now that you broke the ice, it's time for some serious work. It's important to know that you can turn any conversation into dirty talk, so let's say you're both working and complaining about the workload.

Ask: "What would you be rather doing?" And whatever he answers, state: "I'd be riding you until we're both too tired to move…" Add three dots to let him know that there's more.

If you're making plans, ask: "So, do you want oral or anal at 7 pm sharp?" Continue by talking about your lingerie. Let him know he's going to get a big reward if he guesses what color your panties are. Ask and replay as if you were in the bedroom.

By now, you get the idea. Turn your sex life into texts by recalling certain moments or making plans for the night. Use words you're comfortable with, and don't be embarrassed. He saw you naked already, so there's nothing to be shy about now.

You can add romance and spice up your sex life at the same time. Start with his eyes, for example. "I miss your eyes," and then add lips, neck, back, and keep going lower because that's the whole point of sexting messages for him!

Of course, he's going to be curious about his manhood, so indulge him. Include all senses by putting them into texts.

There's nothing dirty about sex or erotic talk, and the only difference is that now you can add visual aids to your texts.

It doesn't mean you should send your guy nudes via your work email, but you can send MMS of your bra strap. Just to let him know you mean business.

Create a story from sexting messages for him

You don't want to repeat yourself. So, instead of listing things you want to see, feel or touch, make up a story and then press send.

A little creativity doesn't hurt, but nor does planning. You can write down several longer messages and keep them safe as you unveil each one sporadically.

The example of a sexting story is merely putting together an atmosphere, not just randomly talking and jumping from one thing to another. It goes something like:

"I want to scratch my nails all down your spine. And just when it starts to hurt, you know what I'm going to do? I am going to kneel. And you know what that means? I want to kneel and moan while gently rubbing your manhood with my breasts…" You get the picture.

Though intimate and should reflect your sexual preferences, you can discover what you want your partner to do next time you're having a bedroom party.

Again, you're doing sexting messages for him. But, you're the one in charge, so it's actually all about your pleasure.

Use words like "bite, feel taste, hard" and create your X-rated storyline, where the two of you are the main protagonists. Tell him your fantasies, or give him strong hints at least.

If you feel things are going a bit too fast at any time, or you're discussing something you're not comfortable with, let him know. Just like your imagination is running wild, so is his. So, cheekily change the topic into more vanilla texting.

Once you start your little sexting adventure, you should keep in mind that real conversations and real experiences cannot be replaced. It's easy to get carried on with words, but they are just tiny bits of your relationship. In no way is sexting a replacement for intimacy or actual sex.

And, there's more to intimacy than sex, which is often overlooked. There's talking, sharing sweet nothings, as well as flirting.

Being in a relationship is a strange mixture of friendship, lust, and general feeling that you want to nourish and protect the other person.

Knowing the basics of sexting messages for him is merely a small amount of all that you have going on.