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Hostess Is Selling Mint Chocolate-Flavored Cupcakes Limited-Edition, Just In Time For St. Patrick's Day

Calling all mint chocolate fans! Hostess is bringing back their limited-edition Mint Chocolate Cupcakes, and we can't wait to try them.

There's nothing like delicious Hostess cupcakes. Those little swirls of frosting bring back some pretty wonderful childhood memories.

But even if you are used to eating them in their classic form (those with white icing), there's a whole variety of delicious Cupcake flavors out there, and the latest ones are pretty darn exciting.


We've been spotting Hostess cupcakes in some limited-edition flavors for Spring, and they're enough to get anyone overwhelmed.

The most popular and exciting one? The mint chocolate cupcake, which is perfect for St. Patrick's Day.

These mint chocolate cupcakes are made just like the classic Hostess chocolate cupcake, but instead of white icing, they come with pale mint green frosting and filled with minty green cream.


The Hostess Mint Chocolate Cupcakes description reads:

"These Hostess Chocolate Cupcakes are a limited-edition twist on the classic flavors. [A] 12.7 oz box contains 8 mint chocolate flavored cupcakes. Each one is individually wrapped, so the others will stay fresh once the box is opened."

"The classic chocolate cake is filled with green, mint-flavored cream and topped with a thick, decadent green frosting. On top of the frosted chocolate cupcakes is the signature Hostess cupcake squiggle with white icing. They're an exciting new treat for longtime fans of Hostess."


You can get your hands on these "exciting new treat" in multipacks for around $2.99 a box nationwide in grocery stores such as Walmart.

And according to the Hostess representative, these mint cupcakes will only be around until March 15 or while supplies last.

So, you better order yours right away— we all know how people feel about mint chocolate, so prepare for these to sell out immediately.


Meanwhile, if mint isn't your spring flavor of choice, Hostess has also brought back other limited-edition cupcake flavors, such as strawberry cupcakes, plus two limited-edition flavors: new iced lemon and "mermaid."

Mermaid cupcakes were also out in May last year and are made with frosted yellow cake and mermaid-inspired decorations.

hostess is selling mint chocolate-flavored cupcakes limited-edition, just in time for st. patrick's day

These treats are deliciously cute!

Instagrammers @ThreeSnackateers spotted all four limited-edition flavors at Jewel — which seems like a perfect place to stock up if you really need to try all of them.

Unfortunately, these treats will also only be around until March 15 this year, so you might want to add them to your shopping list now!