Horse Acts Like He's Dead Every Time Someone Attempts To Ride Him

Horse Acts Like He’s Dead Every Time Someone Attempts To Ride Him

A video of a hilarious horse named Jingang has gone viral because he plays dead every time someone tries to ride him.

The video compilation shows cheeky Jingang dropping to the ground every time someone approaches him. Clearly Jingang is not interested in giving anyone rides! Seriously, this horse is not here to carry you around.

The viral video was posted by Youtube user Kritter Klub and now has over 24 million views. It seems that lots of us are impressed with the clever horse's amazing acting skills, and who could blame us?

A horse trainer from Durango City, Frasisco Zalasar, shared the video featuring Jingang on Facebook. The beautiful brown horse is now famous for his amazing playing dead trick.

Give This Horse An Oscar

horse acts like he's dead every time someone attempts to ride him

The online video shows the dramatic horse Jingang throwing himself to the ground like he's a horsey Daniel Day-Lewis. And to be honest, I reckon he's much more handsome.

Here's what happens. When a human approaches Jingang, he drops. When a human tries to mount him, he hits the floor. I'm telling you, Jingang is not messing around. This horse does not want you to ride him!

As the compilation shows, every single time someone tries to ride him, this horse plays dead. Seriously, someone, give this horse an Oscar!

Bag Of Tricks

horse acts like he's dead every time someone attempts to ride him

Jingang the horse cutie is so good at playing dead that he has a bag of tricks for his playing dead act.

Most importantly, when he falls to the ground the hilarious horse makes sure his tongue is hanging out of his mouth. He wouldn't want anyone to think he was just kidding right?

The YouTube-famous horse even gets his hooves in all sorts of positions to give the full effect. Because Jingang wants you to know, he is not available for rides.

Cute But Naughty

When clever Jingang plays dead to avoid people riding him, he stays down just for a few seconds.

Even though his act is nice and short, if anyone dares approach again, Jingang drops right back down. He can be down and up, and down and up again until you get the message.

One man in the video says what we're all thinking – Jingang is 'cute' but he's definitely 'naughty' too!

Maybe Jingang has given enough pony rides in his time. Maybe our favorite horsey actor is a free spirit at heart. One thing's for sure, he has a career in Hollywood if he wants one.

What do you think? Check out this horse's acting chops. Is he a bonafide superstar? Or should we all just leave him alone?