Horror Film Has To Be Re-edited Because Test Audience Couldn't Stop Screaming

Horror Film Has To Be Re-edited Because Test Audience Couldn’t Stop Screaming

A large number of people in our society love watching horror movies. They watch them to relax their minds in their free time from work or while with friends and lovers. However, the content of these films has become an issue of concern for people.

'The Prodigy' narrates a story of a mom named Sarah (Taylor Schilling). She tells her worries about her little son's (Jackson Robert Scott) behavior. This is because the boy goes screaming when watching films because of the content in them.

They almost re-edited the movie.

Nicholas McCarthy who is also the director of 'The Pact' said that they were actually compelled to re-edit a scene in 'The Prodigy' because of the terror it caused one of the audiences at the preview session. The terror made people lose sense and interest in the movie's storyline because the terror was too much.

The filmmaker also spoke with Entertainment Weekly recently. He said that previously, four years back, he released a movie and was happy about its content. The first section of the film was so enjoyable. What made it interesting was how it had a twisted variation.

However, on reaching the second horror film (The Prodigy) everything changed. The interest and eagerness to watch what he thought would take off immediately. He saw things he could not really believe with his eyes! Immediately, he thought about re-editing or making the movie up again. This was to avoid terrifying the audience like some of the films had done before.

The script described above was written down by Jeff Buhler who is also an actor. His recent work has shocked and scared many people in 2018. He (Buhler) is also known for 'Pet Sematary' found in a novel written by Stephen Kings and 'Grudge' a classic Japanese horror, which is some of the most known screenplays.

The Dread Central recently interviewed Buhler with the aim of knowing why he writes such frightening horrors, in May 2018. He said that he usually has some interesting psychological and conceptual ideas. These ideas can only be expressed better in a language that they say is terrifying.

People's reactions to tweets about Buhler's film.

Many people reacted to this film through their tweets. Some people were very happy about some sections of the film. Others enjoyed the entire movie. However, according to many tweets, many people screamed while watching the film.

One reason that made it terrifying was how a character in the movie, Miles, who was very little ran to the mother and he immediately transformed into a complete, strong, and grown man!

Other people said that they will never watch these movies alone! They at least need a company in order to watch it, to keep them warm and free of shock.

Horror movies are fun when they are not too terrifying. While some people might like to be scared to death, others don't. Buhler's choice to rewrite some parts of his film might just be a wise one.