Horrifying Simulation Shows What Would Happen If You Fell Into The Blades Of A Helicopter

What would happen if you were to get caught in a helicopter blade?

Now you can visualize the outcome:

There are various traumatic ways to pass away: falling from a height, being engulfed in flames, drowning, or being attacked by sharks are a few examples.

As someone who wishes to stay in this world for a while, all of the above options are less than ideal.

However, death is inevitable. Although many of us would prefer to pass away peacefully during sleep, death is not always under our control.

Sometimes, unforeseen accidents determine our fate.

Let's imagine you're skydiving, you've just jumped out of the plane and you're falling towards the earth.

While most people deploy their parachute and descend safely, what if you landed on a low-flying helicopter?

As someone demonstrated through simulating such a terrifying event, it would not have a positive outcome, particularly for the skydiver.

A video posted on Reddit shows a 3D figure being dropped onto a helicopter by means of a drone.

As it gets closer to the rotating blades, it is cut into small pieces of bone and flesh, first the feet, then the legs, hands, torso, and so on.

The unfortunate test dummy is then thrown backwards and dispersed into the atmosphere.

This scenario assumes that you would fall directly through the blades, like a pencil dropping.

The reality is probably less organized, and messier than the simulation… but you get the idea.

Not everyone was convinced by the simulation, however.

Some comments argued that a human body would inflict significant damage to the blades, which could change the outcome of the event in reality.

"Um, not too sure that's what will happen, I mean the body will be cut up but the blades are gonna have some serious damage," said one.

"Bones aren't too soft. Imbalance may cause secondary damage by loss of balancing weights and the power demand due to deceleration might cause momentary droop compensation adding to the imbalance. Overall, the chopper won't stay as smooth."