Horoscope Signs Rated From Least To Most Loyal 

Horoscope Signs Rated From Least To Most Loyal 

Loyalty is one of the most valuable qualities people want in their romantic partners. Since science still hasn't figured out the whole love thing and there's no universal recipe for a successful relationship, we decided to see what the horoscope has to say.

Being a loyal partner is a perfect blend of kindness, respect, and trust. Finding a person with these qualities feels like winning the lottery for many of us.

Let's dig into the zodiac to reveal which signs are most likely to be the loyal ones. And also, to warn you about the ones you should stay away from.


Sagittarius are amazing, creative people, but they can be troublesome to have in your friend circle, because they can't commit 100 percent.

It's a free-spirited sign, which will adore you until something new and exciting comes along. Loyalty doesn't come easily to a Sagittarius, but at least you'll never be bored.


Aquarius will test you until you confirm they can commit to you. It will be you and your Aquarius partner against the world if you manage to get to their heart.

The downside of dating an Aquarius is that they will leave you high and dry to go and save the world. No matter how much they love you, their passions will always come first.


Pisces are exceptional lovers, but they are usually stuck in their imaginary magic world. Pisceans like the idea of love, but they don't know how to handle the everyday stuff in a relationship.

Once they have outgrown a relationship, they will move on. So much for Pisces loyalty...


Capricorns are less loyal than other signs. There, someone had to say it, but if you let them take the lead, they might allow you to be part of their world.

With Aquarius, you are fighting against world peace. With Capricorns, you're dealing mostly with their career and ambitions.


There's no doubt that a Virgo will be able to replace you promptly. It's not that they don't want to be loyal; they are too paranoid about giving themselves to you entirely.

Virgo is an unusual sign if you like playing games. Otherwise, run for your life because they aren't fully capable of giving you security.


Most Aries love the idea of being loyal. But if they feel threatened in any way, their principles will destroy your romance.

Aries likes a challenge, so they can't be fully trusted. If someone intriguing calls, they'll answer.


Geminis are very loyal partners, though the twins represent their sign, and the dual nature may seem to suggest otherwise, but Geminis are great partners.

Geminis like to play games and enjoy the chase, which gives them a bad reputation. But once they decide it's time to settle down, they will be faithful and loving partners.


Always balanced, Libras are all about finding the one. If you're that special someone, you'll get the best treatment.

But, while they are deciding whether you're the perfect match, it will give you a headache. Not an easy sign to deal with, yet loyal like no other.


Tauruses are stubborn, especially when it comes to the ones they love. They are one of the zodiac signs that are the most loyal partners. Additionally, they won't mind sharing every spare minute with you.

Though they can be irritating and shallow, once a Taurus loves you, they will love you always.


That Leo's ego is nothing but a shiny armor because once they fall in love, they are proper kittens.

Leos will be by your side no matter what. More than that, they will fight against anyone who has ever, ever done you wrong. They don't see you as a partner, rather as their soulmate, their other half.


Cancers are more loyal than they'd like to admit. They don't like conflicts, so while trying to avoid them, they may seem uninterested.

The truth is that once they've found the people they want to be with, they will spend their whole lives committed to them.


Scorpio is passionate, possessive, as well as the most loyal zodiac sign.

One of their best relationship qualities is that Scorpios never give up on their loved ones. They are not the ones who will leave you. Instead, they will stay until the end to fight for you with their life.

Hopefully, this was helpful, but remember that we are all individuals, and the date of birth doesn't define a person. Unless you're dating a Scorpio. Always keep the Scorpio!