horoscope 2020: how lucky will you be?

Hold out for perfection: You are worthy of it.

Hold on to your luck, too!

That’s my advice to the Libras and Cancers out there. I know that last year was a little rocky at times, but 2020 has good things in store for you… If you remain patient! Those empty relationships with the guy from the club will not fulfill your emotional needs. You took 2019 to learn what you wanted in a relationship, 2020 – it’s time to wait patiently and cash in on that action! They always say love comes to you when you are least looking for it!

Scorpios and Leos – you guys are also in for a big year, but it won’t be without its hardships. Try not to get too downhearted about the success of the people around you – success is temporary, but emotional satisfaction is much better in the longer run. If relationships or the media are getting you down and feeling anxious about yourself, then it’s time to take a step back, Leos and Scorpios. It’s for the greater good, and we all love some good old fashioned horoscope advice to realign our goals for the new year.

Are you insecure about your legs?

Does your partner know that? Does that stop them poking good-natured fun at them every now and then? If the answer to any of that is ‘no’, then it’s well worth a conversation with your partner to clarify this. While it may be in poor taste on their end, it’s easily remedied if you communicate that the jokes aren’t quite landing or if it’s making you uncomfortable. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Virgos – this one’s for you. There are a few changes afoot in your upcoming year, and I won’t beat around the bush – ‘life-changing’ are the words that spring to mind. You have to have patience

I understand the reluctance to have this conversation, I do – truly.

Some guys will fancy emotional clarity, others won’t. It all comes down to luck.

Aquarius pals – your year is more about sticking to your guns. You will be faced with a few challenges in the new year, but you will also get to ride your luck. You have earned your luck this year through months of hard grafting and hustling.

After all, if your horoscope tells you to lean into your luck and not question it, that’s what you do.

So, Aquarius – try to stay calm and not stress about things you can’t control. Things will come good eventually.

The truth is that not as many people are listening as we think there are.

A lot of the voices were heard saying negative things about us are coming from our own heads. And we all know the old adage that ‘if you wouldn’t say it to your best friend, you shouldn’t say it to yourself’. The message is of course that we will always know ourselves better, and know what we need and what it really is that we want. We should be our best friend because only we truly have our own interests at heart.

Finally, for Aries – try to hold back on the jealousy. It’s for your own good, and you’re only poisoning yourself against people, and making it hard for yourself to stay positive.

Sometimes we live vicariously through our friends’ lives, or we gratuitously watch them make mistakes from the sidelines and feel bad about it because we know we would never make ourselves vulnerable like that. Then we feel guilty for comparing each other. For holding each other up to the same standards, even though we’re all unique. We all have different things going on and different standards for ourselves, we can’t account for what other people are doing too.

It’s not.

The privilege of effortlessness is wrought from pain ad suffering and stress and anxiety just as much as on your end.

Just because people put up facades and seem to be able to bear life easier, doesn’t mean that you should believe them.

In conclusion: Libra, Leo, and Scorpio – you have a lucky year coming up. Everyone else, your horoscope is still positive, just make sure you use your luck when it comes, and work hard to power through the tough times.