Horned Extremist Hasn't Eaten Since Last Week Because Prison Won't Serve All-Organic Food

horned extremist hasn’t eaten since last week because prison won’t serve all-organic food

Some things don't need to be discussed because personal preferences shouldn't be a subject to discussion.

But sometimes, even extremists have their principles of functioning.

Recently, Jacob Chansley had his first appearance in court after being charged over his alleged involvement in the Capitol riots last week in Washington D.C.

Who Is This Guy?

horned extremist hasn't eaten since last week because prison won't serve all-organic food

This Phoenix-native is known by the name Jake Angeli. He calls himself the QAnon Shaman.

Behind The Mask

Jacob was one of the few familiar faces who went viral when the bunch of protestors broke into the Capitol building.

There were hundreds of people at the brutal protest.

But somehow, his face became most recognizable thanks to his horned furry hat and naked chest.

Turning In

Luckily, Chansley turned himself into the FBI last week.

Since then, he's been charged with knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority and with violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

First Court Appearance

During his first appearance in court, he made no statements about the charges against him.

ABC News claimed that he politely addressed the judge to share his news. Then he affirmed that he might be able to get a friend to hire a private attorney for him.

His public defender respectfully explained how the 33-year-old riot hasn't eaten since he was taken into custody on Friday (January 8).

The ABC15 journalist Melissa Blasius reported that the reason for this issue was because the detention facility he's being held in won't serve all-organic food.

And that was a huge problem for Jacob.

Deeply Concerning News

The judge found this revelation deeply concerning.

Then, the judge asked Chansley's public defender to collaborate with US Marshals. They needed to arrange the agreement, whether they could get him some food that fits with his dietary concerns.

DoJ Statement

A statement from the Department of Justice said:

"It is alleged that Chansley was identified as the man seen in media coverage who entered the Capitol building dressed in horns, a bearskin headdress, red, white, and blue face paint, shirtless, and tan pants."

"This individual carried a spear, approximately 6 feet in length, with an American flag tied just below the blade."

Several days after the deadly riots, Angeli told the BBC that he was willingly attending a meeting with the FBI.

A Silver Lining?

He believed he had done nothing wrong during the riots. He even was confident he would be released without charge because he had truth and God on his side.

Angeli also added that the protest was just patriots doing what our founding fathers would have done.