Homeowner Refuses To Move, Forces Chinese Government To Construct Freeway Around Tiny House

In Guangzhou, a persistent homeowner has left the Chinese government with no choice but to construct a complete motorway bridge around her modest residence.

The situation unfolded when the government asked local residents, including the homeowner, to vacate their houses for demolition as part of a construction project.

However, the homeowner, known as Liang, declined the government's offer. Allegedly, Liang was dissatisfied with the alternative housing option provided by the Chinese authorities.

Liang firmly stood her ground, opting to remain in her home and face the consequences of her resolute decision.

Her residence, often dubbed a "nail house," is a single-story house that includes a small 40-square-meter (430-square-foot) apartment.

Before the construction of the highway, this property boasted magnificent views. Now, it finds itself wedged between the lanes of the newly constructed freeway bridge.

The dingzihu, a unique home in this situation, currently stands amidst the four lanes of bustling traffic, further complicating the situation.

In an exclusive interview, Liang shared her perspective, stating, "You think this environment is poor, but I feel it's quiet, liberating, pleasant and comfortable."

Reports indicate that officials initially decided to demolish Liang's residence back in 2010, with plans to replace it with the expansive Haizhuyong Bridge.

The construction of this bridge took a decade to complete, yet as of 2023, the petite nail house remains standing.

Authorities assert that Liang, the steadfast resident, turned down numerous housing offers and several compensation packages.

According to an insider familiar with the situation, local media stated, "Ms. Liang had demanded the government give her four apartments, but the government had only agreed to two."

Engineers conducted a thorough safety assessment before permitting Liang to stay, and she was given the green light to continue residing in her home as bridge construction commenced.

Government representatives have pledged to maintain communication with Liang after the completion of the motorway to ensure her comfort and security in her Guangzhou residence.

Remarkably, Liang is the sole survivor among the 47 homes and seven businesses that previously occupied this area, as reported by Metro. According to officials, all other former residents of Huandao Road had willingly vacated their properties and relocated by September 2019.