Weird Story

Homeowner Furious After "Delivery Drivers Wedge New Sofa" In Staircase

An angry homeowner criticized a furniture company for an unsuccessful delivery, alleging that they left the sofa on a narrow staircase.

Luke Ansell claims that his couch, ordered from, was scheduled to be delivered to his home in Bournemouth on January 19th, but it was not delivered safely.


He alleges that the delivery drivers made a poor attempt to bring the couch up the narrow staircase, and ultimately chose to abandon it on the staircase.

"PIVOT, PIVOT, PIVOT" is a common thought among Friends fans when they think of the scene where Chandler, Ross and Rachel had a hard time getting their new couch up the stairs, due to the similarities.

More seriously, Mr. Ansell claims that the drivers suggested cutting off his banisters to fit the couch through.


The 27-year-old says: "They got here and I showed them where I wanted it upstairs. I said that it looked quite tight, but they assured me that they do tight deliveries all the time."

"I just said 'oh well you're the experts' - they are a delivery company after all so I just left them to it."

"They brought it in, they struggled to get it over the bannister and eventually got it in. But then it got jammed, they couldn't get it up or down."


"Then they said 'look we've got to get back to BIrmingham' and tried to leave. They asked me to sign for the delivery - but I refused."

"We had a little bit of an argument about it, and then they suggested I cut away the bannister to get it out."

"It's a brand new house that we had just bought for half a million, and now we have to have the work done to repair it."

Advertisement informed LADbible that the couch cost £1,129.45 (including delivery charges) and that the two delivery drivers had informed Mr. Ansell that it would be "very difficult to take it up the second flight without causing any damage whatsoever to either the couch or your property."

The company states that the delivery driver said that Mr. Answell agreed to the risks involved, as outlined in its terms and conditions.


The company asserts that their "responsibility ends when the furniture reaches the curb" but they "endeavor to assist in taking the furniture to the room of your choice at the owner's risk."

Consequently, has agreed that damage has been caused to both the couch and the property, as a result of the interaction between the delivery team and Mr. Answell.

The company has pledged to provide Mr. Ansell with a new couch at no additional cost, and the same delivery team will return to offer a personal apology.

Advertisement has also pledged to cover the cost of any damage caused to the property.