For many people, finding their true calling takes time. But when it finds you, it’ll transform your life. Meet a formerly homeless man who became a millionaire for building beaches in people’s backyards.

For Eric White, 33, his destiny was indeed a mystery. He’s now the founder and owner of a Louisiana-based company Zydeco Construction.

White had a tough childhood. While he was 15, he became homeless for a couple of months. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and only had second-grade reading skills.

Mr. White told the USA Today:

“Growing up, things weren’t easy for me. I could hardly even spell my name.”

Despite his lack of formal education, he always felt he had a passion for construction.

He said:

“I knew if I worked at it, I could really do something with it.”

White got his first job in a local construction company to pay his bills. He later landed a new job that paid a minimum wage of $12 an hour at a company in Baton Rouge.

White revealed:

“The guy that I worked for there took me under his wing and taught me about the company. Within the first six months, I was managing the team.”

Driven with passion, White continued to work his way up the ladder and changed between several construction companies before establishing his own. His first firm was called Cool Pools, which he sold for over one million dollars.

After selling Cool Pools, White launched Zydeco Construction, a company specializing in constructing beaches, such as crystal blue “swimming pools” that are surrounded by sand.

The company builds unique and customizable ponds that meet customers’ preferences. The beaches also feature outfits such as gazebos, kitchens, volleyball nets, and umbrellas.

Talking about his passion, White said:

“It’s something that for years I would think to myself, what if someone could figure out a way to turn a pond into a paradise?’ I did as much research as I could and applied it to building these ponds.”

“It has always been a dream of mine to do these different things. I am all about figuring out a way to make things happen, and I can look at any situation and come up with a way to fix it. I like to stay in the market for things that most companies don’t offer, especially custom requests.”

With an average cost of $20,000, the pods are beautifully constructed, leaving everyone who looks at them in wonder.