Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest (and Most Magical) Hair Trend Of 2020

Holographic Hair Is The The Hottest (and Most Magical) Hair Trend Of 2020

Hair trends come and go and often it is the most outrageous ones that catch the most attention. However, a new trend has taken the hairstyling world by storm and it isn't as silly or strange as you would think. It is very unique though.

What Do Holographic Hair Colours Look Like?

These colorful hues are breathtakingly gorgeous and look absolutely stunning. The style is characterized by multi-dimensional pastel or metallic hues that look out of this world. Hair strands are given an opalescent and color-shifting appearance.

Hand-pressed coloring is the secret to the holographic appearance that is so pleasing to the eye.

How Does It Work?

Hand-pressed coloring makes use of methods that are also used in screen printing and brings them into the hairstyling world. The hairstylist will take different patterns and paint them on a sheet of Plexiglass.

Then, sections of hair will be placed onto the glass and the dye will be transferred. This process will be repeated in different sections and different hues will be used. The process can be repeated many times to get a more intense color result.

Lavender, pink and blue is popular colors used in this method. The method may sound a little complicated but is actually much faster than many other coloring methods.

Balayage and foil coloring can take quite a long time to do correctly but getting holographic hair colors is quicker. This method also gives the hairstylist more control over how vibrant the end result is.

Redken colorist Chiala Marvici is the person believed to be the mastermind behind the new trend. So far, she has only taught a few stylists the unique technique.

However, it won't take long before many others knock on her door for advice, or start doing their own version of it.

There is one requirement for this hairstyle though - you have to have very light hair such as blonde or grey. This means if you have darker hair you are going to have to bleach the color out of it. Think about it carefully because once you bleach your hair, there's no real turning back.

If you're ready to take the plunge though, you likely will not regret it because this beautiful hairstyle is one of a kind. It looks like something that would be found in a fantastical world with brilliant colors everywhere.