Hollywood Icon Angela Lansbury Is 94 And Celebrating Nearly Eight Decades Of Acting

Hollywood Icon Angela Lansbury Is 94 And Celebrating Nearly Eight Decades Of Acting

When it comes to actors, some come and go within the space of a few years. However, others manage to keep us entertained for not only years but many decades.

These legendary actors dedicate most of their lives to acting and entertainment. One person who really fits the bill is the wonderful Angela Lansbury.

Decades Of Fabulous Entertainment

hollywood icon angela lansbury is 94 and celebrating nearly eight decades of acting

Believe it or not, Angela Lansbury has now hit the ripe old age of 94, and she has spent much of that time on-screen. In fact, she has been entertaining us for nearly eight decades, having started as a teenager.

It was back in 1944 when Angela first hit our screens at the tender age of just seventeen. Playing a flirty maid in the thriller Gaslight, she made a huge impression.

She was young, striking, and stunning in that movie. It was the start of a hugely successful career for Lansbury, who went from strength to strength.

Close to 80 years after that first acting job, she has gone on to become an icon in the world of entertainment. Her acting skills coupled with her diversity have helped to ensure her success.

A Natural Talent

When Angela first started acting in the 1940s, she had no acting experience at all. However, she managed to stand shoulder to shoulder with some of the acting greats of the time.

Angela's success has all been down to natural talent and determination in a challenging industry. She went on to achieve great success and become a household name.

The daughter of a British theater actress, Angela was working in a department store in the United States. At the same time, the maker of the movie MGM was having a tough time finding someone suitable for the character of the maid.

A co-scripter for the movie knew Angela from the place where she worked. He thought she had what it took for the role and asked her to do a screen test.

Well, Angela went along and did the screen test, and the rest is history. She passed with flying colors and even managed to get a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination.

A Diverse Career

Over the past eight decades, Angela has enjoyed a wonderfully diverse career. However, one of the things she will be best known for is Jessica Fletcher in Murder She Wrote.

Despite this being one of her best known, long-standing roles, she has achieved huge success with her other acting projects.