Holly Valentine Net Worth, Dating, Age, Family, Biography & More


Holly Valentine is an Instagram model and influencer from the United States. Her Instagram is holly.treats. Keep reading to get to know this stunning model.

Date Of Birth


Horoscope Sign


Birth Place

Los Angeles, Californiania, US

Net Worth

Approximately $1 Million

Marital Status

Not married


5 feet 5 inches (165cm)


132 pounds (60kg)



Hair Color


Eye Color


Tattoos And Piercings

A tattoo on her hip.

Why Is Holly Valentine Famous?

Holly is a well-known influencer who has amassed a huge following on Instagram thanks to her fantastic body and jaw-dropping modeling content.

Plastic Surgeries


Number Of Instagram Followers (Updated In July 2022)

1.8 million

Who Is Holly Valentine Dating?

According to sources, she enjoys a single life at the moment.

She would love a guy that is secure in himself and is fun to be around.

Holly Valentine Dating History


Holly Valentine Social Media

Her first post dates back to January 2022.

Her Instagram photos get up to 150k likes, around 50k on average.

Holly shares bold modeling photos alone or together with beautiful model friends. Her curvy and attractive body is always in focus in her posts. Apart from lingerie, her favorite outfits are short skirts or dresses.

About Holly Valentine

Before fame, Holly worked at several marketing agencies and helped support influencers and celebrities. At the time, she thought she did not have what it took to become an internet sensation.

Holly kept up with the latest trends and worked extremely hard to become successful. She invested a lot in both camera equipment and time before she even got started. Against all odds, she managed to make a name for herself in the competitive influencer industry.

She loves to work for herself and run her show. She is very adventurous and dreams about visiting countries in Asia.




She pays a lot of attention to her followers and tries to answer as many comments as possible.

She loves to cook and enjoys going to cooking classes or pop-up dinners.

She works out at the gym in her free time and does regular yoga.