Hitomi Tanaka Takes The Internet By Storm

Japanese model Hitomi Tanaka keeps surprising her followers with daring and provocative modeling photos.

The busty beauty flaunts her outstanding curves in low-cut tops and racy outfits while striking flattering poses in bed. You can also see her posing in cute cosplay outfits.

Hitomi was born on 18 July 1986 in Japan, and she lives in Tokyo. The model is 154 cm (5 feet 1 inch) long and weighs approximately 50 kg (110 lbs).

She started working in the entertainment industry in 2007 and has starred in many photoshoots and over 150 films. Her net worth is $3.7 Million.

She is recognized internationally for her vast bosom and angelic looks. According to the model, her assets are 100% natural.

She has won a place on Complex's 50 top Japanese AV idols.

The breathtaking model draws attention wherever she goes.

"I don't go to the beach, and I don't swim in pools. It would be too distracting being around normal people with a chest like this," she revealed in an interview.

"People would stare, laugh, or even point fingers. Even when I'm in regular clothes, I'll sometimes hear whispering from nearby people about my figure. I'll do my best to hide my body in loose-fitting clothing, especially during summertime train rides."

According to sources, the model is currently single.

She does not appreciate pick-up lines and her usual answer to advances is "No, thank you."

She practices martial arts and has a black belt in karate.

"REAL Black belt," she informed her fans on Instagram when she posted a photo of her karate outfit. "YES! I'm [a] fighter."

She has traveled to the United States to visit events like the Adult Video Network Expo.

Hitomi began posting photos on Instagram in 2013. Her youthful looks and curvaceous body have won her 2.4 million followers.

Apart from Instagram, you can find her on Twitter and OF.

She is a dog lover and has a toy poodle named Baby Chacha.

The beautiful model loves to try new things like games and pole dancing.

Hitomi has plans to leave the industry and focus on family life.

"I want to get married and have kids," she said in an interview, "and maybe start a business."