Highly Sensitive People Are Really Angels With Broken Wings

Being sensitive has merits and demerits in equal measure.

On one hand, sensitive people are the most trusting and trustworthy people as they easily see the goodness in others. They mostly choose to focus on someone’s good attributes and ignore the bad, promoting them to believe in that person. They then try to reciprocate by being loyal.

On the other hand, sensitive people give up easily and rarely give second chances when wronged. Issues involving them with other people often torment them, and they try to sort them out. Such people always try to make others like them regardless of who’s at fault.

Other people always take advantage of sensitive people, and they end up being the most hurt. Despite this, they remain “compassionate” and try to be sympathetic to other people’s plight. They give as much “love” as they wish to receive. Sensitive people use the pain and heartache they have endured to help others who face similar situations; acting as their “activists.”

According to statements made by Shannon Alder, to a sensitive person, confrontation is never an option. Such people tend to keep quiet about the wrongs being done to them and rarely speak up. It is, however, advisable to change that trend since it only makes things worse. Speaking up and rebuking an injustice tends to bring more relief. Even if it’s not effective and you don’t “win,” defending yourself will make you feel “good.”

Avoiding confrontation leads to “missed opportunities” to support others who may need it. One may fail to identify someone with a similar nature who just needs a friend but is afraid to speak up as well. At the very least speaking up allows you as a sensitive person to be kind to yourself and be your own “friend.”

Another disadvantage with being a sensitive person is not being able to let go. Saying “goodbye” is usually an uphill task. Once they get used to someone, they become too attached and find it very hard to let go. To a sensitive person never seeing someone they hold dear is impossible.

While others may see life as a “race,” a sensitive person only focuses on their individual progress without competing with the rest of the world. They don’t care about how other people are living their lives and the achievements they’re making. They don’t care about who wins or loses or whether they “finish last.” To a sensitive person, the process is more important than the results.

Unlike the rest of the people, sensitive people make the world a better place. They strive to make a positive change and offer genuine help to those who need it. They don’t discriminate or look down on others and try not to cause pain unnecessarily. As such they always “deserve” more than they get. They are not appreciated like they should be and are often mistreated and taken advantage of.

The rest of the world needs to start seeing sensitive people as the gems they are. They need to start being “grateful” for such people. Instead of creating difficult situations for them, people should understand them better. For all the sensitive people in the world, embracing yourself as the amazing person you are is important. You bring a different aspect to life.