High School Teacher Fired After Students Find Her OnlyFans Account

High School Teacher Fired After Students Find Her Onlyfans Account

The 26-year-old Latina teacher goes by Denisse on OnlyFans.

Working as a teacher, Denisse wasn't making enough money to meet her expenses. So, she decided the best option for a second job is to create an OnlyFans account.

She charges $5 for a regular subscription. She also has a special of $25.47 for 3 months with a subscription bundle.

So far, she has shared about 160 posts, garnering over 8K likes.

high school teacher fired after students find her onlyfans account

Unfortunately, things went wrong when her students found her account, and it went viral. She lost her teaching job shortly after.

Hopefully, her OnlyFans was making enough money on its own because she's out of her teaching job now — she's now on OnlyFans full time.

Denisse isn't the only teacher to join OnlyFans social site.

Due to COVID-19 running rampant worldwide and with the challenges of online teaching — teachers are finding new ways to attract new students and generate new income sources.

In an interview with Knee Grow News, Cindy Asher, an elementary school teacher out of Queens, NY, said:

"It's becoming more stressful these days. We have to worry about catching the [COVID-19], we have to figure out how to teach virtually; it's just too much. Plus, I got bills to pay, and a teacher's salary isn't cutting it."

Cindy recently opened up an OnlyFans account where she offered tutoring lessons for a fee of $25 a month to adults looking to expand their skillsets.

She told the outlet:

"We have a lot of adults who need education of too to help them get by in this world."

"I think OnlyFans is a great platform to reach out to these adult learners and still earn some money."

When asked if she felt comfortable utilizing a platform that's popular for 'Adult Content,' Cindy said she enjoys it.

She said:

"I know about that, and I have no problem with it. As a matter of fact, when I teach, my titties are out too. And occasionally, I'll do a lil twerk here and there in the middle of class to keep things interesting."

OnlyFans has become increasingly popular amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While you can sign up and upload any kind of content, like photography, creative writing, or recipes, for example, the platform is particularly popular with sex workers.