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High-Heeled Crocs Are A Thing And They're Horrifying

Observing Crocs, they may not be considered the trendiest choice of footwear, but their practicality is remarkable. They serve as an ideal option for individuals who have to remain standing throughout the day, such as those working in a restaurant kitchen or a hospital nurse. Nonetheless, the idea of creating a high-heeled edition of Crocs appears to be absurd.

1. Yes, They Really Exist

It is unclear who authorized the creation of high-heeled Crocs, originally intended to provide comfort for people engaged in physically demanding professions. Despite this, the high-heeled Crocs appear to be similar to the standard flats, except with a heel. This bizarre and disconcerting concept is difficult to comprehend.

2. They're Trying To Class Things Up, But I'm Not Sure

Although high-heeled Crocs, known as the Cyprus V model, have a slightly more formal appearance than regular Crocs due to the heels, they do not quite achieve a truly sophisticated look. This is mainly because of their plastic/rubbery appearance, which appears somewhat low-cost to me. It's strange because...

3. They're Not Even Cheap!

The pricing for high-heeled Crocs on Amazon varies between $40 and $80 per pair, depending on the desired color and size. To me, this seems unreasonable and absurd. I cannot fathom why they are being sold for more than $20. It feels as though I am questioning my sanity!

4. Incidentally, They Do Have Really High Ratingsā€¦

On Amazon, there exist over 300 reviews for the high-heeled Crocs, and almost all of them are rated with 5 stars. The public seems to adore these shoes, praising their comfort level, receiving compliments while wearing them, and being grateful for not having to compromise between fashion and comfort. It's hard to believe, but...

5. That Being Said, They Do Serve A Purpose

Numerous individuals who adore high-heeled Crocs have a strong attachment to them because the heels enable them to wear something slightly fancier, despite enduring chronic foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis and arthritis.

6. The One Downside? They Squeak

Based on the opinion of one reviewer, it appears that everyone in her office can hear her footsteps while wearing high-heeled Crocs. Although this is not a significant issue, it's something to consider. If you are interested in purchasing your own high-heeled Crocs, you can find them on Amazon.