High-Class Escort Insists All Men Will Stray Regardless Of How Happy Their Relationships Are

High-Class Escort Insists All Men Will Stray Regardless Of How Happy Their Relationships Are

Samantha X from Sydney, real name Amanda Goff, a high-class escort and a columnist, revealed that all men will eventually cheat on their loved ones. And it has nothing to do with how happy or content they are within their relationships.

As her job includes various types of men, regarding their home life, and careers, we wouldn't take it quickly to dismiss her claims.

Here's what this lady has to say about men and their need to cheat, regardless of how much they love their partners.

Men will make cheating a priority


"No matter how busy, overworked, or powerful the man is, if he wants to stray, he will make it a priority. Samantha continues, "that's an absolute fact," she concluded.

Samantha, who picked her nickname as an homage to Samantha Jones of SATC, places married men into three categories from her experiences.

The first ones don't have sex with their wives; then, some love their wives but need change. Finally, there are men in incredibly happy marriages, which she says are the most difficult kind.

She said:

It doesn't matter how good the marriage is, how happy you are, or think you are, what a great father he is, what a great provider, and you still have sex every Tuesday and a regular date night, men stray.


Those who don't have sex with their wives often feel like walking credit cards. Their straying might not come as a surprise, but the real puzzle are the ones who have everything at home.

Samantha X: men keep the adult industry alive

Samantha says:

I'm not saying all men, of course, but I am saying enough to keep the adult industry recession-proof.

And her explanation is quite simple:


The men who see sex workers are usually not the type to have affairs. They don't want the headache; they don't need the emotional connection as they get that at home. And they say they would probably get caught; some have.

She continues her confession:

Men absolutely don't want to hurt their wives and possibly destroy the marriage. I know I wouldn't be able to stay with one man for 40 years. I have never wanted to, nor ever been married. And I couldn't cope with a double life and lies – I'd rather own who I am, and I do, as hard as it is at times.

But women cheat as well


What's more, Samantha declared that it's not just men who cheat in marriages. Plenty of women do it too - she's even had lots of clients "devastated about their wives' affairs."

She claims:

I firmly believe you can't get everything from one person. Many married men tell me their wives are great mothers and great homemakers, yet the intimacy has died.

According to miss Samantha, marriage is a complex beast, and we, as humans, are complicated and far from perfect.

And with that in mind, she says that saying "I do" is the furthest thing on her mind.

Samantha X split from her boyfriend, Ryan Phelan, and felt blindsided. As someone who knows men that well, even she managed not to see the breakup coming. What can the rest of us ladies expect?