Hidden Abuse: Teacher, 28, 'Covered Classroom Windows And Had Sex With Teen Student, 16, More Than 100 Times'

hidden abuse: teacher, 28, ‘covered classroom windows and had sex with teen student, 16, more than 100 times’

An alleged sexual assault victim is opening up about the ordeal he endured at the hands of a high school teacher who assaulted him more than 100 times.

Ryan Crue claimed he was in his junior year at Lake Orion High School in Lake Orion when a 'popular teacher,' 28-year-old Kate Boozer, started showing interest in him.

Crue revealed he had sex with Kate, who taught Spanish, more than 100 times. The assault started in 2014 when Crue was 16.

hidden abuse: teacher, 28, 'covered classroom windows and had sex with teen student, 16, more than 100 times'

The victim alleged that they would cover classroom windows with black construction paper before having sex.

He explained:

"We made a chore out of getting big sheets of black construction paper and covering every window in the classroom. [That includes] even the small notch window in the door, so there was no way to see in the classroom."

Crue also said his relationship with Kate went from teacher and student to something more.

He said:

"It was after school one of the first times that there was any physical interaction that was incredibly inappropriate."

During his senior year, Crue explained that he tried to withdraw from Boozer's Spanish class so he wouldn't cross paths with her.

However, this alerted his mom, Nancy Hatalsky, who then set up a parent-teacher meeting with the teacher.

Nancy, an educator of over three decades, said:

"Being a teacher, I know what conferences are[...]like."

"This from the get-go was red flags everywhere. She cried twice when we were with her."

As additional meetings followed, details about their sexual interactions began trickling out.

hidden abuse: teacher, 28, 'covered classroom windows and had sex with teen student, 16, more than 100 times'

Crue also shared phone logs, which show a 167-minute conversation he had with Boozer, along with several late-night calls.

The school then initiated an investigation, but nothing came of it after both Crue and Kate denied anything happened.

The school also didn't contact police during its investigation at the time.

It took years for Crue's mom to get full details, as her son refused to speak about it.

Five years after the alleged incidents, Crue's family contacted the Oakland County Sheriff's Office and filed a report.

According to Lake Orion Schools, Kate resigned in 2016 after the school 'promptly investigated' the incident.

Undersheriff Mike McCabe said:

"I'm not going to speak for Lake Orion Schools as to why they didn't call us at that time."

"It's my understanding they investigated, and both parties denied it. So they didn't call us."

"The statute says they need to call us. We are the ones who determine whether it's credible or not."

During his early high school years, Crue was a scholar-athlete on the basketball team.

After his alleged relationship with Booker, however, he lost weight and began doing drugs.

He said:

"My life felt like it was spinning out of control.

"I found control in unhealthy practices, self-harming, and substance abuse. Things that don't help anything but felt like at least I could control that aspect of my life at the time."

Crue also shared that he could not keep the secret any longer during his sophomore year at Michigan State University.

He added that opening up about his abuse helped him to cope with the pain.

Crue said:

"I feel like I have my feet back under me."

"But it's still a climb that is going to take years, but I'm back on the right path and being able to speak about it and not being afraid to say 'I'm a victim of sexual abuse' is powerful."

After opening up about the ordeal, Oakland County Prosecutor's Office reviewed the case in 2019 but ultimately didn't pursue charges.

And Kate's attorney said in a statement:

"This matter came up, and there was an investigation done by the Oakland County Sheriff.

"The prosecutor's office reviewed the investigation and declined to authorize charges against my client. As far as we are concerned, the case is closed."

Crue and his family came forward publicly in hopes that their case will get another review.