He's Not Complicated. He's A Toxic Asshole

He’s Not Complicated. He’s A Toxic Asshole

We do seem to place men who are not right for us in this wonderful little box that seems so romantic. We tolerate their shitty behavior and just sigh and say "it's complicated."

Why do we accept the shit they pull on us?

Would you accept a shitty maneuver from a friend?

When he tells you "He's complicated" what he really means is "I'm a manipulative asshole"

1. Everything Seems To Be Fine, Then Boom, He Suddenly Pulls Back From You Without Any Explanation

You've been dating for a while, it's all going along great then suddenly he pulls away, starts ignoring you, goes MIA. You're left wondering what the hell is going on.


Then he's back! He tells you he got scared, and he's confused about how much he loves you, blah blah blah.

What he actually means is he has no idea what he wants, so he feels it's ok to play mind games with you.

Sorry ladies welcome to the little boy in your life as men don't play games, they know what they want and go for it.

2. He Is Abusive To You But Thinks That's Ok As He Is Having A Shitty Life And Needs Someone To Take It Out On

He abuses you verbally, emotionally, maybe even physically, then says it's all your fault that life is so shitty at the moment.

No one has the right to do that to anyone.

If he can't treat you right and respect you then he needs to go. Show him the door and bounce him out of your life.


3. He Suddenly Goes Way Over The Top Being All Romantic BUT Wait! There's A Catch, He Wants Something From You

This is one of the oldest moves in the book. To get on your good side after being so bad to you, they get all romantic and cozy up to you, and you think finally we're getting somewhere.

Sorry ladies that's a big fat nope he wants something from you, he is just manipulating you.

It's usually a tactic to get into your pants.

They're after your lady box.

Ladies we all know it's true, and you know you deserve better than being used by him.


And if you've already booted the asshole, he will, without doubt, use these tactics to try and get back with you. Just keep saying to yourself once an asshole always an asshole.

4. He has no real friends

You suddenly notice that he has no real friends, what's that about?
This should be a huge red flag to you.

No matter how weird and complicated we are, we always have that circle of friends that know and love us despite that, and they see the good in us.

But this guy, he has none of that...

It will be because friends he did have saw him for who he truly is a manipulative asshole and they got rid of him.

The people you see him hang around with are just a crowd of people, no real connection.


5. He Makes You Do Things You Don't Like To Prove Your Love For Him

The guy is a damn vampire, he sucks the life out of you, he claims he is sensitive, fragile, and needs you to love him in a special way.

He needs money, sex, you to constantly be with him and before long you're stuck there suffocating.

You become a shadow of your former self.

He will accuse you of being selfish if you try to make time for yourself.

So, ladies, be smart, be wise, be careful, see these assholes for who they really are and keep them away from you.

He is not complicated he is a toxic manipulative asshole.