He's Drunk And Alone And That's Why He's Calling You, Hit That Decline Button Girl!

He’s Drunk And Alone And That’s Why He’s Calling You, Hit That Decline Button Girl!

Girl! Do not pick up that phone!

You've been waiting for his call, haven't you? You've dreamt of this call so many times, the dream actually woke you up and you looked at your phone convinced you had a missed call.

You've been waiting for him to call and tell you he has made the biggest mistake of his life, he loves you and needs to see you NOW!

Don't pick up the phone.

How many times have you tried to move on from him, and he suddenly calls you out of the blue, you stop everything you're doing and let him come around to see you.

You have given far too much power to him, haven't you?

He knows all he has to do is call, text, even just turn up and you'll let him in.

Why do you allow this?

Because he makes you feel loved and wanted right?

Here's the thing though girl, if you stepped away and gave yourself a week or two with no contact and just thought things through, looking back at all he has done to you and his behavior I guarantee you would suddenly see life in a very different light.

He is a player and you know he is.

He isn't calling you because he cares, or loves you, he isn't concerned about how life is for you, he is calling you quite simply for a booty call.

He wants his needs fed!

He's drunk, didn't manage to get hooked up, he's lonely, so he dialed your number and gets what he needs on tap.

You deserve so much better than this, don't you?

You deserve a man who will treat you right, take you out on dates, make life fun, and make love to you when he is sober!

To get that kind of man in your life you need to get over self-centered Mr Booty call guy.

Next time his name flashed up on the screen, sit on your fucking hands girl. Do not answer that call.