He's "Bad At Texting"— He's Lazy, Rude, Or Not Into You

He’s “bad At Texting”— He’s Lazy, Rude, Or Not Into You

We're living in the 21st century. It would be ridiculous to believe that anyone isn't good at texting unless they're 90. Ladies, if a guy isn't texting you, he's either not into you, is cheating on you or he's just plain rude. I had one before, and I dumped his sorry ass. No matter how busy he is, he should have a moment to text you.

Responding is easy

Being busy is okay. We all are, but your guy shouldn't find it hard to respond to your texts with all the conveniences available like emojis. Even if it's just a heart emoji to show that he got your text, it makes all the difference.


Delaying means you don't matter

Texts reach others in an incredibly short time. If you've sent him a text to know how he's doing or just to say you love him, he should reply within the shortest time. If he doesn't or takes long to do so, it simply means you don't hold a special place in his heart.

Read receipts can help

Okay, maybe he's really bad at texting. That shouldn't be an excuse. Thanks to technology, this has been taken care of too. He can use read receipts to let you know that he's gotten your message. Even if he doesn't reply to it immediately, at least you know that he's gotten it.


Bad texter? Really?

It's amazing how time is created for things that really matter to us. Your guy may claim that texting isn't his thing yet he has no problem re-texting his relatives or friends. I've walked on that path before, and I didn't settle for that 'bad texter' crap. I let him go without thinking twice, and I love my decision.


Get mad. You should be

You're not immature because you're ticked off for not getting a quick response. You're in a relationship for goodness' sake. I got mad a lot because I took my time to text him, and I expected him to reply as fast as he received it, even if it's an acknowledgment of my text.

Bad texting doesn't exist

Let's be real for a minute. Today, phones are easy to handle and have so many features to make texting easy no matter how poor at it a person may be. Most phone plans make it possible for people to text each other as frequently as possible at no cost, so what's the excuse? Some years ago it was understandable, with phones being quite new.


The so-called bad texters are good communicators

In an actual sense, these liars who refer to themselves as bad texters have preferences on whom to text. I found out that a person who's really bad at texting makes up for it by replying as soon as they can, and don't text often.

Texting is impressively quick

Get over the excuse that he didn't receive your text. Unless his phone is damaged or you texted him at odd hours in the night, you shouldn't expect him to respond immediately. Regardless of this, he should make it a point to respond as soon as he can.