Heroic Nanny Jumps In Front Of Speeding Car, Saving Two Children She Was Caring For

Heroic Nanny Jumps in Front of Speeding Car, Saving Two Children She Was Caring For

A nanny is being lauded for her selflessness when she came between two children she was caring for and a speeding car, which a reckless driver was responsible for.

The tragic event happened in a Washington DC neighborhood. Jumping on a sidewalk, the car driver was on his way to hit the two children involved. Marina Fuentes, the children's nanny, was quick to the rescue, and the children were snatched out of harm's way.

Marina Fuentes, however, has been confined to the hospital since the incident. Last week, she talked about the injuries she had sustained, her recovery, and how life-changing the incident turned out to be. Talking to NBC affiliate WRC-TV, she said, "I feel like my life had ended. I feel like I'm not going to have the same quality of life after this."

Mount Pleasant Tragic Incident

On September 15, Marina Fuentes was walking with her charges, ages 2 and 7, respectively, by the 18th Street NW sidewalk. Suddenly, a man, who turned out to be driving a stolen car, hurtled toward their direction. According to a local outlet, Denis Miranda, a food delivery driver, owned the stolen car.

Marina Fuentes did not have any second thoughts and immediately jumped in front of the car to protect the children. While Fuentes was recovering in the hospital, she recalled how she got in front of the little girl and heard a bump in the back, the sound of her bones breaking from the impact. She decisively would not let the children go.

Fuentes looked down and wrapped the stroller with the baby in it with her hands, putting her arms to her chest. The Metropolitan Police Department released video footage of the incident.

The video footage shows how the suspect ditched the car, fled from the scene, and ran down the sidewalk. Police officials have yet to identify the suspect, and so, an arrest has yet to be made. The children are now safe because of the tremendous sacrifice Fuentes made.

A GoFundMe Page For Fuentes Was Set Up

To help Fuentes with medical expenses, mortgage payments, and other living costs, a GoFundMe page was set up after the incident. Another page was established for Miranda, who had incurred injuries and undergoing treatments for said injuries in a hospital.

The page's organizer, Claire Keller, talked to WRC-TV, saying Marina had been her nanny when she was a child. Keller said Fuentes loves the children under her care and is extremely protective of any child in her care. Keller also referred to Fuentes as her "third parent." The page organizer further said that she felt it was her responsibility to take care of Fuentes the way anyone would for someone they are that close to, if that someone is injured.

The page has garnered more than 700 donations, collecting the amount of $32,000. On the page, Keller added that Fuentes had sustained multiple broken bones and needs several surgeries. The doctors think Fuentes will likely recover within six months.

Since the incident, Fuentes had received numerous messages of support as she makes her way to recovery. She expressed how the messages made her feel loved and encouraged her to keep going. In the meantime, authorities are giving a reward of $1,000 to anyone who can provide information related to the incident.