An off-duty nurse helped a pregnant homeless woman deliver her baby on the street.

Doctors and nurses take an oath to protect and save lives. They’ve to do so anytime and anywhere duty calls.

And one nurse in the Philippines has displayed what that means: She brought a life into the world — all without putting down her backpack!

Lorraine Pingol, from Makati, Philippines, was already running late for work when local rescue workers flagged her down after spotting her.

Minutes later, the masked health care hero was delivering a homeless woman’s baby on the sidewalk.

Speaking to ABS-CBN News, the nurse said:

“There was no other person to help them but me at the time, so I helped.”

According to her, the incident was more like “fate,” adding she was in the proverbial right place at the right time. Or maybe, it was something bigger than that.

Pingol said:

“Maybe God really intended for me to wake up late, so I could help the mother.”

The male responders at the scene weren’t qualified to finish the emergency delivery.

So, Pingol stepped in to help.

hero nurse delivers homeless woman’s baby on busy sidewalk

She didn’t only cut the cord but also removed the entire placenta from the mother’s uterus.

Acclaiming the nurse, one of the responders said:

“She [Loraine] was calm. While even wearing her bag, she remained calm and didn’t panic. Even though the people surrounding her were obviously panicking.”

hero nurse delivers homeless woman’s baby on busy sidewalk

Pingol pointed out that it had been about 10 years since she last helped deliver a baby. She recalls that previous moment while she was an intern at Far Eastern University in Manila.

Pingol is a leukemia survivor, according to the New York Post. She contracted the disease in 2013, so she had to stop working in hospitals to avoid compromising her immune system.

She now works as a company nurse and is currently in remission.

But despite her battle with leukemia, she answered the call of duty to help the mother deliver her baby.

Pingol said:

“When duty calls, you listen.”

“We pledged to be good Samaritans. Wherever you are, even when you’re outside work, when anyone needs you, in the name of humanity, you have to help because you’re a nurse.”

hero nurse delivers homeless woman’s baby on busy sidewalk

The mother and her baby were later taken to the hospital for a checkup. Thankfully, they’re both doing well, thanks to a nurse who was in the right place at the right time.