Here's Why You Should Never Date A Guy Who Doesn't Have A Car

Living in a city with reliable public transportation is different from living in the suburbs or other places where having a car is not only useful but essential. Therefore, if you reside in the latter, dating a man who doesn't own a car is generally not a good idea. Here are some implications of his lack of car ownership:

1. He's Irresponsible With Money

Can you name a grown man who's happy with walking or relying on friends for rides? There's a significant difference if his car is being repaired or if he's searching for a new one to purchase. However, I'm referring to men who lack a car or had theirs repossessed, indicating a lack of financial stability or poor prioritization of expenses.

2. He's Afraid Of Commitment

If a man can't commit to paying for a car or its regular maintenance, it raises questions about his readiness to commit to a relationship with you. He may only require a basic vehicle for commuting or leisure, but his inability to fulfill these financial obligations indicates a lack of responsibility and an aversion to commitment. In this case, he may not be the right partner for you.

3. He's Comfortable Mooching Off Of You

Simply put, if he doesn't have a car and you do, he's taking advantage of you. He'll be driving around on your gas and potentially causing an accident for which you'll be liable under your insurance. If you're okay with assuming responsibility for his mistakes, that's your choice. However, it's unlikely that he'll be willing or able to contribute to the cost of damages incurred while driving your car. If he were, he'd have his own car and insurance to cover such incidents, rather than relying on yours.

4. He's Indecisive

If he lacks the drive to purchase his own car and manage his own affairs, it's doubtful that he'll be decisive in other aspects of your relationship. If he's become complacent and isn't willing to make a decision about his transportation, it's a red flag that he's unambitious and unwilling to use his critical thinking skills to take action. This is not a desirable trait in a partner, as he should be your equal and contribute to the relationship in meaningful ways.

5. He Doesn't Have Clear Goals For Himself

Everyone has aspirations and objectives they hope to achieve in life. If he doesn't own a car, it begs the question of what he's doing to progress in life. How does he plan on commuting to job interviews or getting around the area? He seems to lack foresight and is merely taking things as they come. While this mindset isn't necessarily problematic, it's still a major cause for concern.

6. He'd Rather Control You By Using You And Your Car

You've inadvertently enabled him by making things too convenient. Why should he go through the trouble of acquiring his own car when he can just use yours? By permitting him to drive your vehicle, it gives him a way to monitor your whereabouts. If he drops you off somewhere, he'll know your location, who you're with, and for how long. Consequently, if he disapproves of your company, be prepared for him to show up and demand that you leave with him.

7. It's Not His Car, So Why Would He Take Care Of It?

People who rent properties, whether it's an apartment or a house, may not take care of the property as they don't own it. The same logic applies here. He's driving around in your car, not his own. Therefore, it's unlikely that he'll keep it immaculate, ensure it's fully gassed up, or address any necessary maintenance. The title and insurance details are under your name, not his.

8. He Has A Lot To Say But Can't Back It Up

Articulating impressive plans without taking any action is a well-practiced skill. If your partner speaks of buying a new car, specifying the type of car, and so forth, it may merely be what you want to hear. It's a far-fetched fantasy if there's no effort to turn words and ideas into action.

9. He's Unsure Of Himself

Here's something he may not reveal, but you can deduce based on his conduct. A man's confidence often correlates with his self-awareness, his purpose in life, and his sentiments towards you. If he doesn't have something as fundamental as his car and doesn't have a strategy to acquire one, it reflects a deficiency of drive and confidence. In short, it's not an encouraging sign.