Here's Why You Should Give Or Receive At Least 8 Hugs A Day

Here’s Why You Should Give Or Receive At Least 8 Hugs A Day

Few things are as expressive as hugging. Through a hug, you can show that you are happy, sad, in love, fearful, joyful, excited, and even respectful. Additionally, hugs can be very comforting and they can show care and concern. Long story short, hugs are incredible. We can even say there is something magical about them.

For some reason, bringing your body into contact with another person's somewhat links your souls. That is why hugs bring about such strong reactions in people.


Science now says hugs are good, and that you should get more of them. As it turns out, in addition to the compelling benefits already mentioned above, hugs can offer the following advantages as well.

1. Hugs Make You Happier

A hug can change your mood in a big way. In a 2006 study, it was shown that hugging improves the levels of oxytocin in the body - that's the "love hormone." This is the hormone that promotes bonding between two individuals. Having elevated levels of this hormone brings with it happiness and euphoria. In women, the hormone has been shown to lower blood pressure and cause the contraction of the uterine muscles during labor.


2. Hugs Can Boost Immunity

Through regular hugging, you can reduce your susceptibility to illnesses. In a study that was done back in 2014, it was proved that hugging and other forms of social interaction were great at reducing the negative effects of stress and even offered notable resistance against the common cold virus. In any case, diseases have been known to attack tired bodies a lot more easily, and hugging is refreshing and rejuvenating.


3. Lower Stress Levels

Hugs have the ability to lower cortisol levels in the body, according to a 2013 study. It was even discovered that having a huggable device did more to lower stress levels than talking to a partner over the phone. Therefore, after a long day at work, at school, or anywhere else, getting a hug might be just what you need to feel positive and upbeat about life once more. A hug can inspire you to keep going on even when facing overwhelming challenges. So, when things seem to be getting out of hand, reach out to your partner for a hug and you might just find the strength to go on.


4. Hugs Lower Grief

The loss of a loved one can hit someone pretty hard. At this trying time, a hug can offer some form of respite from the pain and anguish that death causes to someone's heart. You can find solace in a hug when grieving, and it can also uplift your spirits and give you a little more courage to deal with the hard situation facing you.

5. Hugs Can Lower Anxiety And Fear

When overwhelmed by fear or anxiety, hugging can help reduce the effects of these psychological conditions. A hug makes someone feel protected and safe when frightful emotions have taken over. The person offering the hug can pass on to the person receiving it some courage, and this can reduce their heart rate and reduce the anxiety and the fear they are experiencing. In a 2013 study by the Association for Psychological Science, touch can help lower fear in people with low self-esteem considerably.


So, wherever you go, give and receive as many hugs as you possibly can. Hugging will give you happiness and take away many of your worries.