Here's Why You Should Embrace The Coffee Date

Coffee: It's what gets me through waking up each morning, as I know it's coming soon. For many of us, our daily Starbucks fix is a necessity, but this innocent beverage could also be the solution to all of your first date woes. Tired of spending hours at a bar with a terrible person and then having to pay for your own three glasses of wine? No longer interested in sacrificing a Saturday night for a date that's unlikely to lead to anything special? It's time to embrace the coffee date, and there are several compelling reasons why you should switch out your cocktails for a nice vanilla latte.

1. A coffee date is basically a pre-date

A coffee date is great for both online and in-person first dates. It's always awkward and nerve-wracking to meet someone for the first time, so a quick coffee in the afternoon is a good way to break the ice. If it goes well, you can always make plans for drinks another time. Plus, it gives you a boost of confidence going into the next phase of the date.

2. Alcohol makes you tired

Caffeine is a lifesaver for many of us, and it can also be the perfect solution for first date jitters. Rather than relying on alcohol to calm your nerves, a cup of coffee can give you the energy and confidence to be your best self. Sure, you might end up talking a mile a minute, but if your date is into you, they'll find it endearing. And if not, well, they're probably not the right match anyway.

3. You can always prolong the date

A great thing about a successful 4 p.m. coffee date on a Sunday is that it opens up the possibility of suggesting dinner afterwards, which can turn into a fantastic date that lasts for several hours.

4. If you're not into sex on the first date (or even the third), a coffee date gives you a buffer

Going slow and taking things at your own pace is perfectly fine. However, it can be a bit uncomfortable if you've had a great first date, and it's late at night, and you're not sure if you should make a move. But with a coffee date, there's no pressure for sex, so you can take your time to get to know each other, and if things do eventually lead to sex, it'll be even more special.

5. A coffee date is honest: it's a job interview, basically

Asking questions on a first date can be awkward, especially in a noisy bar where you stand out as a couple. But in a cozy coffee shop on a lazy weekend afternoon, it's perfectly natural to ask about his interests and aspirations since job interviews frequently occur in coffee shops. You could ask about his occupation, hobbies, and future goals, without feeling self-conscious.

6. If it sucks, you've wasted half an hour. Or maybe an hour

And not the whole night. This way, you can still have time to do something enjoyable with the rest of your evening. We've all experienced it: the first date seems promising, but a few hours in, it becomes clear that the guy is not the right fit, and there goes your entire Saturday night.

7. Post-coffee, you can go for a walk for an adorably romantic first date

Beer and nachos may not be the most romantic option, but there is a certain charm in strolling around the city with someone you're interested in. However, this charm fades away when it's midnight and you're left worrying about how to end the date and get home safely.

8. It's easy to make an escape

When you have to cut a drinks date short due to an unexpected turn of events, it can be quite obvious that you're just not feeling it. However, if you have plans for the afternoon, it's totally acceptable to politely excuse yourself. After all, we all lead busy lives.

9. You don't have to schedule an entire night around meeting a stranger

First dates require a lot of preparation and take away from time with friends, as well as putting pressure on both parties to have an amazing dinner experience. It's a lot of pressure to have a picture-perfect setting, great food, and to impress your date. Is it really worth it?

10. If there isn't a spark, it's easier for you to politely bail

Within the first few minutes of speaking with someone, you usually know if you want to continue the conversation or not. Sitting through an hour-long romantic dinner with someone you're not interested in can feel like torture. To save yourself the struggle, opt for a date that only lasts 20 minutes without being rude.

1. You have more of an opportunity to just be friends

At times, you can connect with a person effortlessly, yet the spark of romantic attraction is missing, leaving you content with just friendship. It's not anyone's fault, and it's unnecessary to sever ties entirely simply because you don't share a romantic interest. While it might feel strange to be friends with someone who took you out for an expensive dinner, it's perfectly normal to be friends with someone who bought you a cup of coffee that cost only $3.

2. You're able to see if you genuinely (and soberly) like them

When you're under the influence of alcohol, you may develop a liking for certain things that you normally wouldn't enjoy while sober. For instance, Taco Bell, EDM, and the majority of guys you matched with on dating apps could fall under this category. Although it's crucial to determine if you can have a good time while drinking, it's arguably more vital to ascertain whether you can have fun without the influence of alcohol.

3. They don't have to shell out tons of cash for someone they're not sure they even like

It's puzzling why some people opt for a sit-down dinner as a first date. While some may be motivated by the prospect of sex, it seems illogical to pursue it with someone they're uncertain about. Instead, they could save themselves from the expense and anxiety of blowing a big chunk of their income on someone they'll never see again by taking a more casual approach like grabbing coffee to test the waters.

4. It pretty much takes hooking up off the table

One common worry when drinking on a first date is making a hasty decision to hook up too soon. However, this risk is almost non-existent when opting for a casual coffee date in broad daylight. This approach not only prevents the possibility of ruining a potentially good thing but also spares the inevitable regret one may have the morning after. So, go team!

5. You get a better sense of Who they really are

Meeting up for a simple cup of coffee is far less stressful and demanding in terms of putting on a performance or trying to impress. Scheduling a brief coffee break during work or on the way home offers a chance to observe someone in their everyday routine, rather than just seeing a polished version of them in a dimly lit restaurant.

6. You won't expect them to sweep you off your feet

In a Starbucks, there's only so much your date can do to impress you. The best they can do is pronounce "macchiato" correctly on the first attempt. This takes the pressure off of you and allows you and your date to have more fun together. Isn't that a positive thing?

7. You don't have to get all dolled up

Choosing the right outfit for a first date can be a daunting task, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed with conflicting goals. You want to look attractive but not like you're trying too hard, and you also don't want to give off the wrong impression. You aim to appear relaxed yet stylish, and it can be challenging to strike the right balance. Wouldn't it be easier to meet your date in the same outfit you wore to work that day and forget about all that B.S.?

8. There's less pressure to feel romantic

Lastly, there's minimal romance involved. While some may argue that guys are only romantic at the start of a relationship, it can work the other way around. It's better to hold off on that aspect until real emotions develop, rather than experiencing first-date anxiety and uncertainty. Let's slow down and reserve some of the best parts for later instead of rushing towards the finish line.

9. And finally: if they order tea, you know it's not going to work out

It's an undeniable fact.