Here's Why Strong Women Feeling Broken On The Inside

Being a strong woman does not necessarily “feel” strong; as any strong woman out there knows. It takes a lot out of a person to not let anything affect you.

This woman has learned the art of taking any challenge that comes her way in her stride. Mistakes, disappointments, heartaches, and failed relationships all seem to her like minor issues that she easily brushes off as she stays focused on her journey to be a woman who always gets what she wants out of life.

While she might go through hell and still proudly wear a smile on her face, she might be broken on the inside.

She seems to give love, attention, and everything else without ever getting drained. She has the burdens of the world upon her shoulders, and yet she walks through life with elegance and pride, as if nothing in this world ever gets to her.

She gets envious eyes all around from people who wonder how she keeps it together in the midst of all the chaos. She is very strong and equally successful, but she does not let the world in on one little secret; she has another side you do not see.

Beneath the impregnable can-do attitude is a heart like yours. Sure, she can handle a lot more than most people can, which is why many also think she does not feel the ill emotions we sometimes experience.

Away from the admiring eyes, the pain and hurt she locks up inside begin to surface. She can be vulnerable then; because the world cannot see this side of her.

That is why even when she is going through hell, she can still wear that bright smile and offer a comforting shoulder you can lean on when your world is falling apart. When she is in a similar position, she has to retreat and deal with it on her own. Even when her world is clearly falling apart, she knows she will be on her own.

She is no stranger to suffering in silence because she knows that showing her vulnerability to the world that sees her as impervious to any bad experience will only make her situation worse.

To the world, she is a beautiful ray of sunshine; she is there to solve problems that nobody else seems capable of dealing with.

She gets a lot of attention from people who need her skills, knowledge, and perspective.

She always knows what needs to be done, and she knows how to get things done.

She is always composed, and she will always have her sh*t together.

While she is offering comfort, she is suppressing an incredible amount of turmoil in her heart. She understands that to be strong, she cannot let her issues be anyone else’s but hers.

In the safety of her own home, she lets it all out. Her insecurities, worries, and other problems finally get a chance to surface, and it’s a hellish nightmare for her.

That’s the price she has to pay to be strong and powerful. And indeed she is, regardless of the setbacks.

When she wakes up in the morning, she manages to find some hope in what lays ahead, she puts on a smile that conceals the pain and suffering she is going through, and she gets the courage to step out into the world that may very well add to her sorrow.

What the world sees is a strong woman. And yes, that is precisely who she is.