Here's Why My Best Friends Are My Kindred Spirit Sisters

Here's Why My Best Friends Are My Kindred Spirit Sisters

In our lifetime, we will be drawn to people for a reason. We connect with different people in very profound ways, and it doesn't always have to be romantic. Our best friends become part of our kindred spirit, also known as "soul mate" sisters.

Real friends will see you as perfect, even when you are far from it. You could outright embarrass yourself, and your best friend will laugh with you, cry with you, then take you for ice cream. They love and respect you even if you fail.

Your kindred spirit besties are like an extension of your family. You can always count on them through thick and thin to be your soul sisters. Unlike a man, they will still be there for you with undying faith and dedication.

Their love for you knows no boundaries and has no ulterior motives. They don't expect anything in return for being your friend. They will always make the time and space for you in their life, yet they realize they are not your number one priority. A best friend is still a phone call away, and even if weeks go by without speaking, you can pick right back up where you left off as if there was no time apart.

Your kindred spirit friends are the people you turn to in times of happiness and sorrow. Sometimes our best friends deserve the salary our therapist gets. They will sit and listen to us for hours and try their best to exhaust every emotion we have until we can't help but see the big picture. Sometimes there doesn't have to be a solution. It's the fact that they are there which makes the problem seem to disappear.

Life will throw a ton of crap at you, but your kindred friends will always look back at the laughs and amazing friendship you have, and they will become the best times of your life. It makes everything seem like it will be okay after all. Friends are enormous contributors to who we are and what we hope to be in life. Some friends will teach you valuable lessons and show you the importance of love and patience if you have a falling out. Real friends stick to you just like glue. They are a blessing in every way.

Not all people will qualify to be your friend or in your circle of kindred sisters, but they choose you as much as you choose them. They become your crew in life's big project.

It's not your dream career or a boyfriend that's the missing piece of your puzzle called life; it's the friends you make along the way. Your partner also has to be your kindred spirit, but in a different capacity as your friends. In the end, if your partner does not possess some of the qualities found in your best friends, then maybe they are not the ones for you. Your kindred spirit sisters will be there as you continue looking.