Here's Why Men With Tattoos Are More Attractive

According to a 2017 study by Type, a dating app, approximately two-thirds of women are more drawn to men who have tattoos than those without. However, the abundance of male celebrities sporting tattoos on magazine covers in recent years already serves as persuasive evidence. Hence, let us explore the rationales behind why men with tattoos are immensely attractive.

1. Tattoos signal health

Intriguingly, we seem to be universally attracted to a quality known as immunocompetence. Although it may not be at the top of our list when selecting potential partners on dating apps, it is something that we unconsciously take notice of. In a 2017 Polish study, women were presented with images of men without tattoos and the same men with digitally created tattoos. The women evaluated the tattooed men as being healthier than the non-tattooed men. The study's authors suggest that because tattoos result from a healed wound, men with tattoos display robust immune systems, which signal overall health and a genetically desirable characteristic.

2. Risk-taking is sexy

The Polish study revealed a curious finding: women rated men with tattoos as unsuitable partners and fathers. The reason behind this could be the association of tattoos with danger and impulsivity - traits that some women find alluring, but not necessarily desirable in a long-term relationship. Consequently, tattoos may make a man more appealing for a short-term fling, but less attractive as a serious partner.

3. It shows confidence

In a 2012 study, researchers evaluated the personality traits of tattooed individuals and discovered that they scored higher on extroversion (often misconstrued as confidence) and self-esteem in comparison to non-tattooed individuals. It's common knowledge that confidence is appealing, and tattoos might indicate desirable personality traits that are not as readily apparent in non-tattooed individuals.

4. It shows uniqueness

Similarly, the study indicated that tattooed individuals scored higher on the researchers' test for uniqueness. Although being unique may not necessarily be desirable in every situation (as someone being different may not necessarily be compatible with one's preferences), it can make a person stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, individuality may also be linked to confidence.

5. It communicates excitement and adventure

Another discovery of the study was that tattooed individuals were more likely to be experience-seekers, which aligns with the Polish study's findings that tattooed men are perceived as more impulsive and less dependable. Being adventurous can be alluring, often indicating that someone has plenty of exciting tales to recount and can awaken your daring side. While you may not consider marrying him, you would undoubtedly be interested in having a passionate fling with him.

6. They signal dominance and masculinity

The Polish study also revealed that tattooed men are perceived as more masculine, dominant, and aggressive than non-tattooed men. While these traits may not seem desirable from a contemporary standpoint, historically, men who were physically strong and aggressive provided greater protection to women and their offspring, rendering them more appealing as partners. Whether we like it or not, this primal aspect of our brains still has an impact on our attraction to certain traits.

7. It gives a glimpse into his personality

Beyond primal instincts, tattoos can provide insight into a person's inner self. After all, tattoos are permanent (and often quite costly). Individuals wouldn't go through the trouble of getting a tattoo unless it had some significance to them. This is why some people might feel uneasy when asked about the meaning behind their tattoos, as it can seem intrusive. Whether someone has letters inked on their knuckles, museum-worthy portraits and landscapes, or something symbolic, tattoos can reveal a great deal about a person's character.

8. Tattoos can show emotional vulnerability

Once, I encountered a waiter who had a full-sleeve tattoo depicting a fighter plane soaring through pastel clouds. It was breathtaking, and when I asked him the inevitable query ("What does it signify?"), he recounted a tale about his grandfather, who had been a WWII pilot. In summary, it was heartwarming and evocative. Tattoos that pay tribute to family, personal struggles, or favorite lines of poetry indicate that the individual is in touch with their emotions.

Why Women Are Still Attracted To The "Bad Boy" Type

As indicated by the previously mentioned studies, it is apparent that one of the key factors that draw individuals to men with tattoos is the "bad boy" aura they exude. Here's why this characteristic can be alluring, even for many feminists.

1. It's all in the genes

Research suggests that the reason why bad boys are attractive is that they possess physical attractiveness and alpha male traits, making them genetically desirable. Dr. Martie Haselton suggests that these men can behave badly and still have women chasing them because they have numerous options. Our primal instincts draw us to the best genes, even if our logical brain kicks in later to prevent us from settling down with a bad boy. Nonetheless, we may still fall for their charm along the way.

2. It taps into our wild and liberated side

The appeal of "sexy cads" also lies in their ability to unleash our rebellious side. Their disregard for rules and devil-may-care attitude can inspire us to break free from conventions and embrace the thrill of spontaneity and irresponsibility, at least for a while. However, eventually, the consequences of such behavior catch up with us, and we yearn for the stability and physical well-being that come with being a responsible adult.

3. We want to save them

The term "bad boy" implies an element of vulnerability, which can be alluring to some. It suggests a man who is damaged and in need of nurturing, and some women are drawn to this idea of being a savior. However, it's important to remember that despite any emotional struggles, a grown man is ultimately responsible for his own actions. Many women have learned this lesson the hard way, after wasting years of their lives trying to save a bad boy from himself.