Here's Why Empaths Have Trouble Finding The Right Guy

Here’s Why Empaths Have Trouble Finding The Right Guy

For sure, we are lucky to have empaths among us. Where would we be without them? These sensitive souls always know the right way to deal with others, no matter who they are.

Having an empath in your life is a rare opportunity that's worth cherishing.

Unfortunately, the world is cruel, and empaths get the worst of it in their attempts to find a partner.

But the question is why? Why do such beautiful souls who commit so hard to the wellbeing of others get so unlucky in matters of love?

There are a few theories. For instance, their brutal honesty makes them seem weird and over the top. They also tend to like having a real relationship right away, and that's something many men find intimidating.

Many great guys run away without realizing they had discovered the real gem of relationships.

But generally, many other challenges causes empaths to experience difficulties when looking for love.

1. Honesty And Sincerity

Truth often hurts, at least in the short term. But unfortunately, this can make many men turned off by this girl, especially when they are afraid of dealing with the truth.

2. She Demands Freedom

Even in a relationship, this girl wants freedom. This automatically scares away many men, who like to take charge in romantic relationships.

3. Dependability Is Her Greatest Priority

This girl only wants reliable guys who can be depended on. She wants someone who can stick it out when things get rough rather than running away.

4. She Sees Past The Pretenses

People who have something to hide cannot hope to get anywhere with this girl. Even if it's just insecurities and vulnerabilities, this girl wants complete honesty and will not put up with pretenders.

5. She Knows What She Wants

Before she gets into a relationship, an empath knows what she wants and won't take anything less. To many guys, this might seem like pride.

6. She Is Very Emotional

This girl is in touch with her emotions and a guy has to be really secure in himself to put up with her. Anyone with emotional insecurity would feel out of place in her presence.

7. She Has No Time For Games

Many guys are into playing games, but this girl will stand for none of that. She wants a serious relationship, which means she has no time for silly games. That obviously eliminates many men from her dating pool.

8. Intense Personality

This woman has intense emotions and is driven by lots of passion. Many guys cannot keep up with this passionate energy, and they end up fleeing.

9. She Asks Lots Of Questions

If this girl will be with you, she has to know you by asking you lots of questions. She wants to commit to the right guy based on the truth rather than assumptions. Some guys consider this intrusive and take off.

10. She Wants Emotional Maturity

If you are not emotionally mature, you can't be with this girl. That's the truth. Unfortunately, not many men have this quality, which also means that not many can meet her standards.

11. She Gives Her All

When this girl falls in love, there is no looking back. She falls hard and intensely. But many men are not used to handling this kind of love, and once the relationship gets one-sided, it inevitably winds up.

To all the guys out there, do you think you can handle this woman? If yes and you happen to find one, then you are very lucky. You could never have hoped for a better partner.