Here’s Why A Woman Will Leave You Even Though She Loves You

While women break up with men for a vast array of issues, there is one overwhelming truth that men need to know: a woman will break up with you even though she loves you.

Sounds impossible, right? However, the unfortunate truth is that women do leave men they love, however hard it is for them. Even if it means breaking up a marriage or hurting the kid’s feelings, a woman will leave you-even though she still loves you with all her heart.

You must be wondering, ‘why on earth would she leave me if she still loves me?’. The most obvious answer to this question is, of course, cheating. However, there is another compelling reason why a woman would leave you despite loving you.

Women leave men they love because they are not present. How? You might ask. Well, he could be working all the time, gaming, playing golf, watching TV…the list is endless. Don’t get me wrong. These are not bad men. On the contrary, they provide for their families, are good fathers to their children, are likable, and have good manners, but they make the unforgivable mistake of taking their wives/girlfriends for granted.

Men will often feel surprised and even betrayed when a woman who loves them decides to call it quits. The harsh truth that men need to realize is this- your woman is not your property. Neither is she your employee. She does not owe you a single thing, least of all her soul. If the relationship is no longer fulfilling for her, she has the right to pack up her bags and leave. This is essentially why you should never take her for granted.

The surest way of showing your woman you really love her is simply by being there. I cannot reiterate this any further than that-just be present. Nothing makes a woman feel more appreciated than being given the right amount of attention. You have probably heard that it’s the little things that matter most to women and it really is. Listen to the things your woman says. Offer her advice and a listening ear for the things that bother her. Check-in on her, ask her about her day, and actually listen to what she says. Simply put, be her rock, and be a solid rock at that.

She doesn’t want quick passive sex. Your woman needs to feel your passion for her. She needs reassurance that it’s there, burning bright as ever. Your aliveness is one of the greatest gifts you can offer. She doesn’t want a man who is simply moving through the motions of life. What she wants is a man who has a genuine desire not just for her but also for life. The question is, do you have your desire for life? If not, where did it go? Find out and reclaim it because it is the most captivating thing you possess. If you never had it to begin with, then it’s safe to say you are surviving on borrowed time.

Some men defend themselves by saying they are too busy. What they don’t know is that even a mere 15 minutes of their undivided attention at the end of the day is enough for a woman. She does understand that you’re busy, but that’s no reason to take her for granted. Just like your business or job is a priority, so should being present to your woman. If you continue making your woman feel unappreciated by not being present, she will leave you, even though she loves you with her entire being.