Here's What Will Happen If You Keep Choosing Your Boyfriend Over Your Friends

Your closest friends have supported you in good times and bad, but since you started dating your new boyfriend, he has become your top priority, taking up all your time. It's not that you don't value your friendship, but you prefer to spend all your time with your significant other. While it's normal to focus on your new relationship in the beginning, prioritizing him over your friends could have serious consequences, as explained below:

1. You'll Put Unnecessary Pressure On The Relationship

Prioritizing your boyfriend over your friends is a significant action that communicates to him that he is more important to you than the friends who have been there for you for years. While you may view it as loyalty, he may interpret it as being too clingy or overbearing.

2. You Might Just Lose Your Friends For Good

Your actions have conveyed to your female friends that they hold a low level of importance to you. Your decision to prioritize your new relationship over your long-standing friendships will likely be remembered and may even result in permanent damage to those friendships. In the aftermath of a breakup, it's usually the girlfriends who provide emotional support and help you to recover. However, by prioritizing your new relationship over your friendships, you've shown that you would abandon those relationships for the possibility of a fairytale ending.

3. Your Boyfriend Will Become Your Life

Your social life has transformed from a circle of connections to a single line that links only you and your boyfriend. You no longer have friends to hang out with or to discuss the latest episode of Scandal with. Previously, your life was full of love in multiple directions, but you gave it all up to focus on your romantic relationship. Now, you must face the repercussions of making your whole life revolve around one person.

4. He'll Start To Feel Smothered

As your life revolves around him, you're likely to be constantly present in his life. Rather than being an independent partner, you may start to feel like a dependent. It's crucial for couples to spend time apart and have their separate lives, but you don't have anyone else to spend your time with. When he goes out with his friends, you may feel irritable and ready for an argument as soon as he returns. If you don't have a life outside of your relationship, you might not want him to have one either.

5. Your Boyfriend Will Start To Resent You

Your ongoing demand for attention has become a burden on your partner. At one time, having you in his life felt like a blessing, but now it feels like a curse. As your boyfriend and your best friend, he is expected to be at your disposal all the time. Activities that you used to enjoy with your girlfriends, such as sharing gossip, watching soap operas, and shopping for hours, now have to be done with him, even though he is uninterested.

6. You'll Have No One To Talk To About The Problems In Your Relationship

If things start going wrong in your relationship, who will be there to support you? You won't have anyone to offer advice or to listen to your frustrations. With your friends gone, the only person you can rely on is yourself.

7. You'll Be Plagued With Regret When You Finally Break Up

You made a significant sacrifice for love, but it turns out that you placed your bets on the wrong person. Unfortunately, when you put everything on the line, you risk losing everything. As a result, you're now officially single and without your friends to support you. Relationships can be transient, but the bond with true friends is meant to be enduring. Ultimately, you made a colossal mistake.