Here's What To Text A Guy Back When He Says Hey

Your phone buzzes one day while you've been talking to a guy.

You receive a text from him, but your excitement to see his name is short-lived when you see that the message only contains the word "hey."

Answering a one-word text like "hey" can be challenging, even for those skilled in conversation. The lack of emotional context in the message makes it difficult to respond.

Looking for guidance on how to respond to a "hey" text from a guy? You've come to the right place.

We'll provide comprehensive answers for you. Get comfortable and browse through some of the top options available as you hold your phone.


Before we move forward, here are some important considerations to keep in mind as you ponder your reply:

If all he's texting you is hey, he may not be super invested in you at this point

Sending a "hey" is a simple task, requiring minimal effort to type the three (or four, if including a flirty "hey") letters and hit send.

Typically, when someone is actively pursuing you, they would put in more effort to woo you, rather than just sending a casual "hey."

However, it's also possible that he doesn't know what to say and "hey" was the first thing that came to mind.

So what are you looking to get out of it?

The easier part is determining what you want from this relationship.

Essentially, are you seeking a committed relationship or something more casual, or do you have no interest in him?

It's crucial to consider this as it will greatly impact your response. If you're not interested, you wouldn't respond with a flirtatious text, for instance.


Respond in kind

One option is to return a simple "hey," which is a safe choice when you're uncertain what to say. It may seem bland, but it's a reliable response.

Sending a "hey" back puts the responsibility on him to initiate the next move, and also gently highlights his lack of effort in starting the conversation.

If he is interested in talking, he will respond with something more substantial, providing more context for the rest of the conversation.

Answer with another simple greeting

Which greeting sounds more friendly to you: "hi" or "hello"?

Our guess is that you chose "hi." This is because different greeting words carry different connotations, even though they all serve the same purpose of greeting someone.

If you opt not to use "hey," there are many other choices available. Choose a greeting that aligns with your current feelings towards him, whether it's more formal or casual, cold or warm.

This approach has the advantage of simply sending "hey" without appearing uninspired or dull.


"Hi" conveys a friendlier and more playful tone.

"Hello" is more formal and can convey a slightly colder tone.

"Good morning" is friendly, upbeat, and has a light tone.

"Hey there" is as low-effort as "hey", but gives off a warmer impression.

Don't answer him at all

This is the most daring option, as not responding at all could jeopardize any chance of a conversation.

By not responding, you show him that you're not readily available, and he might be prompted to put in more effort in trying to communicate with you.

If you're not interested in him, not answering could communicate that, although it's always better to be straightforward and honest about your feelings. Ignoring his text may force him to put in more effort in communicating with you, but it also runs the risk of killing any potential for conversation.

Ask him a basic question to get the ball rolling

Sending a question to him can increase the chances that he will respond. If you think he might be at a loss for words, asking him a question is your best option.

By asking him a question, you're giving a nervous guy an opportunity to start the conversation. It provides them with a chance to participate and contribute.

By initiating the conversation by asking a question, you demonstrate assertiveness and give the guy a starting point to build the conversation, which can impress him or help to alleviate any nervousness he may feel.


"Hello, how have you been?"

"Hello, how has your day been so far?"

"What's up?"

"How are you?"

Push him to put some more effort into talking to you

It's possible that the person you are interested in only sends brief "hey" messages and struggles to initiate conversations through texting, despite showing signs of interest in you.

If so, there are methods to encourage improvement, but there is also the risk of pushing him away and discouraging him.

Be careful how you present the challenge, as the wrong approach could give the impression of being overly critical, which is not well received by most people.

Softening the blow with a joke is recommended. This way, he'll understand that the conversation starter was not a complete success, but won't be overly upset.


"Consider sending a straightforward question mark (may appear slightly impolite or demanding)."

"Ellipses (may convey a harsher tone)."

"Respond with "That's all? ;)", a lighthearted and joking tone."

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Reply with a picture or gif

Words alone may not fully convey the intricate details of your message, but a picture can speak a thousand words.

There are various apps available to insert images or gifs in your text to express your emotions. This way, you can convey any feeling you desire.

Express enthusiasm by sending a gif of someone joyfully waving if you're really interested in him. On the other hand, if his text disappoints you, send a gif of someone tapping their foot to show your impatience for more.

The possibilities are endless.


An image or gif of someone waving their hand.

An image or gif with the caption "I'm waiting...".

An image of characters from a shared favorite book/TV show/movie to add a personal touch.

Been dating him for a while or have an established relationship? Share your emotions with him

In the early stages of a relationship, it's best to avoid expressing intense emotions. However, if you've gone on several dates or have established a committed relationship, it's appropriate.

At that point, it's acceptable to express your emotions in response to a simple "hey" text. By then, you should have had enough conversations to assess his level of interest in you.

The advantage is that it makes him feel appreciated and can brighten his day, especially if he's been having a rough time.


"Hello! I'm glad to receive your message. :)"

"Hello! I just had you on my mind."

If you don't want to strike up a conversation, tell him to go away for now (but not in those words)

It could be that you've had a lengthy day and don't have the energy to actively engage in conversation. Or perhaps you have expressed disinterest in him before, but he hasn't grasped the message.

These are potential reasons for taking this course of action. It doesn't always entail sending a blunt message such as "go away," though it may in severe cases.

Gently declining a conversation can be done by stating that you're tired and going to bed, which conveys to him that you need rest and not to be disturbed.

Keep in mind that using this approach, while expressing genuine interest, can potentially alienate him, especially if the relationship hasn't been established firmly.


"As it's getting late, I'm planning to go to bed for the night."

"I'm occupied at the moment. Let's catch up later."

"How may I assist you?" (This phrase comes across as formal and distant, and may not be suitable unless a slight distancing is desired.)