Here's What That Kiss You Shared With Him Really Meant

There exist various types of kisses that one may share with a guy, depending on the stage of the relationship. There is no universal formula, and the choice of which type of kiss to use is subject to the nature of the connection and the moment's vibe. Have you experienced any of these?

1. The Polite Peck On The Cheek

The customary peck on the cheek can be a tactful way to convey disinterest or a preference for staying friends after a date. It can also signify a desire to slow things down and take things at a comfortable pace. If you're feeling particularly continental, you can opt for two gentle cheek kisses as a cordial greeting at the start or end of a date to express "pleased to meet you" in a courteous manner.


2. The Brief Kiss On The Lips (no Tongues)

A kiss of this nature typically conveys the message, "I am interested in you, but since it's our first date, let's take things slow." Alternatively, it may indicate that past hurt has created emotional barriers that must be overcome before proceeding. This type of kiss communicates your fondness for a guy without being too forward, which can leave him eager for more.


3. The Dubious Frenchie

The infamous French kiss can be both exhilarating and nerve-wracking. It may be the first time you engage in a tongue kiss with someone you're dating, or it could be the uncertain kiss you share with a male friend when contemplating a romantic connection. In some cases, it may even be the initial kiss with a stranger on a night out when you're feeling alone and unattached. Regardless of the scenario, it's an exciting yet tentative experience until the butterflies dissipate.


4. The Sweet Peck On The Forehead

A forehead kiss is a gentle and affectionate gesture that is typically reserved for a guy with whom you share a romantic relationship. It symbolizes a sense of comfort and trust, whether you're new to the relationship or have been together for two decades. This compassionate and tender gesture is a non-sexual expression of love, conveying the message of "I care for you" in a warm and loving way.


5. The Cute Kiss On The Nose

A nose kiss is another gesture that is usually reserved for a romantic relationship, conveying a cute and affectionate way of showing your fondness for your boyfriend. You might do this while snuggling in bed together after intimacy or relaxing on the couch after a wild night out. It signifies the depth of your love and how much you value your partner in a sweet and charming way that's unique to your relationship.


6. The Fast, Passionate Frenchie

The fast and passionate French kiss is one that we all eagerly anticipate, isn't it? It's undoubtedly the ultimate tongue kiss, and it usually occurs when you're deeply attracted to someone and consumed with desire for them. It's characterized by intense heat, fervor, and a lot of tongue action, and if you're into it, maybe even some lip biting. This type of kiss conveys the message "I want you right now" and is so thrilling that it always leaves us girls feeling weak at the knees.


7. The Long, Slow, And Tender Kiss

This is the kind of kiss you gave your first love. You can remember how intimate and adorable it was. This kiss has the very same feeling, and it can only be experienced with someone you have loved for a long time. With or without tongues involved, this is a kiss you will certainly enjoy.

8. The "I'm-trying-to-turn-you-on" Neck Kiss

Neck kisses are a bit like Marmite—you either love them or hate them. They're incredibly sensual and often serve as a precursor to what's about to happen in the bedroom, making them a popular choice for long-term partners. Why is that? Well, the neck is an erogenous zone packed with sensitive nerve endings, and these types of kisses can feel quite intimate. As a result, they're typically reserved for couples in a close and loving relationship.


9. The Eskimo Kiss

An Eskimo kiss involves rubbing noses with your partner rather than kissing them with your lips. Often seen as a cute and affectionate gesture that children do with their parents, some couples enjoy doing Eskimo kisses together to feel closer to one another. It's all about physical proximity, gazing into each other's eyes, and feeling each other's breath. Whatever kind of kisses you prefer, they all serve to deepen your connection with your romantic partner and brighten your day.